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June 2024

Curmudgeon’s Corner: Clear Thoughted

This week on Curmudgeon’s Corner: WAR! PIVOT! LIGHTNING! More specifically, Sam and Ivan talk about the situations in Syria, Afghanistan, and North Korea… then they move on to Donald Trump’s changing positions on a number of issues, and what that means for both his supporters and opponents. Rounding out the show, bits about the guy pulled off the United plane, Wikileaks, planespotting, a movie Sam watched, the congressional special elections, and even more!

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Show Details:

Recorded 2017-04-15
Length this week – 2:06:12

  • (0:00:15-0:22:02) But First
    • Show Edits
    • Agenda
    • Ignored Topics
    • Reorgs and Layoffs
    • Movie: The Terminal (2004)
    • Planespotting
  • (0:22:40-0:59:46) WAR!
    • Legal Authority
    • Pictures of War Victims
    • Trump ignorance
    • Missing Volta?
    • North Korea Escalation
    • Spicer on Nazi Germany
    • What is a chemical weapon?
    • MOAB in Afghanistan
    • More on North Korea
  • (1:00:21-1:24:20) PIVOT!
    • List of Flip Flops
    • He is still Trump
    • Healthcare
    • Trump learning?
    • Difficulty Legislating
    • No agenda
    • Title origins
  • (1:26:02-2:05:53) LIGHTNING!
    • United troubles
    • Congressional special elections
    • Blackmailing Trump
    • CIA on Wikileaks
    • More ignored topics
    • Contact us


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Curmudgeon’s Corner: Something Made A Noise

On this week’s Curmudgeon’s Corner podcast Ivan and Sam start off talking about things OTHER than Election 2016. The upcoming small iPhone announcement, corporate reorgs, Kanye and The Pirate Bay, feedback on the show, and more! But of course then it is election time. They cover the Super Tuesday results in both parties, the Republican delegate math, the possibilities of a Republican schism, and everything else surrounding the race that they can think of.

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Recorded 2016-03-03

Length this week – 1:59:20

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Show Details:

  • (0:00:10-0:10:30) But First
    • Agenda
    • Small iPhone
    • Mexico City
    • Reorgs
  • (0:11:50-0:42:03) Lightning Round
    • Carillian prelude
    • Apple wins a round
    • Malaysian Plane
    • Kanye and Pirate Bay
    • Nearby House Fire
    • North Korea
    • Syria
    • Feedback
    • Sam’s Vote?
  • (0:43:08-1:28:41) Election 2016 Part 1
    • Democratic Super Tuesday Results
    • Sanders lost, get over it
    • Carson out
    • Christie and Trump
    • Rubio attacking Trump
    • Trump’s Business Success
    • Effect of Rubio’s Attacks?
    • Trump Delegate Math
    • Forcing a contested convention?
    • Delegate Shenanagans
    • Odds of President Trump?
    • Trump’s Policy Details
    • The Mexican Wall
    • Trump and Duke/KKK
  • (1:29:44-1:59:01) Election 2016 Part 2
    • Never Trump Republicans
    • Will the Republicans Split?
    • Is Clinton more conservative than Trump?
    • Trump’s Supporter’s Motivations
    • Immigrant Debate
    • Romney Attacks
    • Trump’s Free Media
    • Buying votes not working
    • The Next Contests