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August 2003

Who Wants a Free Tivo? (For Six Months Only)

Yes, if you are the first to respond to me about this post, then I will let you use my old Tivo in your house for six months. (Its in great shape despite being a couple years old.) Monthly charges fully paid by me. With an option to buy it and keep it at the end if you want. But, some conditions…

First of all, anybody finding this coming from a search engine or whatnot, sorry… this is a personal offer just to people I actually already know in real life. So if you don’t know me, have never met me or exchanged personal emails or phone calls with me, forget it. :-) In fact, I’ll go further than that. The only people eligible are the people behind the email addresses sending me the most email in the last 12 months worth of my email contest (including people who didn’t actually make the top ten) and as an added bonus to local people, the top 20 email addresses amoungst people living or working within 40 miles of me , even if they didn’t make the global top twenty. Although MAYBE if someone I know personally who didn’t make those two lists asks and makes a really good case, I might consider it.

Anyway, here is the deal. As of earlier today, I finished upgrading my Dad’s house to a couple of DirecTivo systems, replacing the Series 1 Standalone Tivo that they (mostly my little sister) had been using, and I had been paying the monthly fee on. Since they would no longer be using it, I took it back. But I also have a DirecTivo system, and don’t need a stand alone. (At least I hope I don’t, if I can’t get the DirecTV to work at my new place I’ll be pretty upset… anyway…) I have an extra Series 1 Stand Alone Tivo. 30 hours at the lowest quality setting, less on higher settings. (I never expanded the storage on this Tivo.)

In the interest of promoting Tivo (I love Tivo) I will *lend* this Tivo to someone for six months, during which I will continue to pay the monthly fees. Thus one of my friends or family who does not currently know the joys of Tivo can experience them. At the end of those six months, the person in question can either give me back the Tivo (presumably to buy a new one of their own), or take over paying the monthly fees and pay me 80% of the going rate on ebay for that model (used), and become the proud owner of that Tivo.

Only other condition besides making the email lists mentioned above is that the person can’t ALREADY HAVE a Tivo. And they must email me asking for the Tivo, referencing this post on my blog. Cause I’m not going to mention this directly in email to anybody, you need to find it on my website and ask about it. I am about to (within an hour) send out an email to the people on the email lists I mentioned above about me moving and my new address and such, which will have a link to the pictures of my new house which is on this site, so maybe someone will stumble onto this that way. :-) [Closing in less than 10 days now! Woo!]

If you’re local (within 40 miles of me), I’ll bring the Tivo over and help get it set up. If not, I’ll get it to you some other way, then help you go through setup over the phone if you need help.

Anyway, who will notice this and ask for the Tivo first? We shall see!!

Oh yeah, if you actually don’t know what a Tivo is, look here.