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August 2003

Still Have Lights Here!

While watching some news on the blackouts all over the Northeast, thought I’d give a quick update.

After the first fridge was too big, I found another that looked like it would BARELY fit. Well, this mornign as it was delivered, I discovered that while the top would fit, my counters are not straight. There was more room at the top than at the bottom. The thing just plain would not fit. I considered taking out the one cabinet componant, but then realized that if a new whole to the basement was drilled, I could put the fridge in another corner, and use that space for something else.

That turned out to be a bit of an adventure. Brandy came over, and has been a help all day long. Many trips to Home Depot ensued. A trip to get a drill. (Yes, Sam now owns a drill!) Then when the original piping crimped and leaked and wouldn’t pull through back to the basement anyway, to get more pipe. Then more trips to get more supplies. Back and forth all day. In the end, the fridge was in and in place and working. Should have actual ice tomorrow!

Then it was time to mount the projector. But as I took the ladder up the stairs, I bashed it into a wall and dented the wall a bit and scraped off some paint. So to home depot again to get painting supplies. Got swatches. Back home to pick a color. Then back to Home depot to get paint. Then back home to spackle and paint the spots. Then let it dry.

(By the way, I must say, Brandy was doing all of that, I was all happy and doing stuff during the fridge capers, but once I hurt the wall I was all moping and depressed for awhile.)

Anwyay, it is now drying. Looks like not an exact match. So we’ll have to go back to get enough paint and equipment to do the whole wall. It is close, but not close enough to just fix spots. It will have to be the whole wall. Oh well!

I’m in a better mood now though, blackouts have that mood lifting effect, so I’ll be helping Brandy more rather than just taking advantage of her generosity. :-)

But I’m keeping the news on for a bit. Can’t turn off breaking news! (Even though things look pretty settled and the power is starting to come back it seems.)

Anyway, glad I was in NYC yesterday instead of today!