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August 2003

Josh Lewis Linked to Me!

Another blog found me and linked to me. My first inbound link from a blogger! How exciting! :-) He did a search of blogs located within 500 miles of NYC mentioning the blackout. I only mentioned it in passing while talking about me moving to PA, but still. Hmmm… that reminds me I have to update my GeoURL coordinates too…

Blogs at 11

When you combine it with a GeoURL listing (which I’ve mentioned earlier) of all the blogs within a 500-mile radius of New York City, for instance, you find quite a few blogs that report on the incident. Like this one. Or this one. That one. One over here. Here. Or here. Or there. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Portuguese! (With translation.)

He hasn’t made my top referring site list yet though. Since I started adding the counter to my pages, the top 10 referring sites have been:

#1 (235)
#2 (113)
#3 (39)
#4 (19)
#5 (16)
#6 tie (8)
#6 tie (8)
#8 tie (6)
#8 tie (6)
#10 (5)

Almost all search engines. Of non search engines the top 5 are:

#1 (19) [Where I post occationally]
#2 (5) [My friend Ron’s site]
#3 tie (4)

#3 tie (4) [Me clicking to my site from the stats]
#3 tie (4) [Reports recently changed blogs]

That only counts hits to the pages I have converted and added the counter too though. I still get a bunch of hits to pages that don’t have the counter yet. Someday I’ll get all of them, but lately I’ve been too busy moving.

Anyway, thanks for the link Josh. :-)

Hmmm… time to get back to work. I was trying to actually go all day without looking at any non work related sites for even a few minutes during a break. I didn’t make it all day. Oh well. Break over now. Time to work up a tentative project plan for a project I’m involved in. They want it for Wednesday. I’m going to try to get it done today. We shall see.