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August 2003
31 is Home!

Well, a few hours ago I got home and plugged the G3 in. It started working fine pretty quickly. But then my other connection was dead. Looked like I had only one IP.

Now, at this point let me say I *know* I could just use a cheap hub, and run everything off one IP instead of paying a few bucks extra for a second IP. A little port forwarding and everything would be fine. But I *like* having seperate external addresses… so there.

Anyway, my first call to Comcast support said that my order for the second IP was in, but it had not been provisioned yet, and sometimes it takes a few hours. If it wasn’t there in two hours, call again.

I called again in two hours, cause it still wasn’t there. I could have either my Airport basestation online, or the G3, but not both. The woman ran me through some checks, had me reboot everything (I’d already done that a few times). But nothing. Plus, she said my modem wasn’t reporting back properly. It reported back that it knew it was supposed to give out 2 IP’s, but it also reported that NOBODY was connected to it, and one of my machines was happily on the net.

She said she would keep working on it, and would call me back later tonight if she had news, otherwise I should call again in the morning and reference the case number.

Oh well. I’m keeping online, not my laptop, so rather than doing email or anything, I think I’m going upstairs to watch TV.

Hopefully this will all be worked out quickly. :-)