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August 2003


This is my one hundredth blog post. Yea! Well… including the sample post that came with the software. So I guess the next one will really be the #100. Well, good enough.

Anyway, didn’t get a chance to post the last couple days. Marilyn flew out from Pittsburgh to see the new place and to help me with some packing / unpacking / decorating / organizing. Same sort of thing I’d been doing with Brandy since Monday afternoon.

I spent a bunch more money on a bunch of things. The amount I have spent on the house in the last week is nuts. I mean, I knew I would need a bunch of stuff, but… I have spent more time in Home Depot in the last week than I ever thought I could in a lifetime. And in Linens and Things.

And plus, as much as I hate to admit that Rebecca was right, my behavior seems to be changing too. Something drops on the floor and I pick it up and make sure it gets thrown away or put away right away. I slightly scarred a wall moving something, and I freak and go buy paint. I am going around evry couple hours and anything that is out of place is going back where it “belongs”. I’m actually being pretty obsessive about it at the moment. Anything that I can’t put in a “proper” place for whatever reason is going in the basement.

I even bought a few purely decorative objects that serve no practical purpose at all! There is something wrong with me! Where did I put Sam????

Oh well. I still have a lot to move and a lot to set up. For instance Marilyn and I bought curtains for the window in the loft room, but did not get a chance to put them up. And I need more storage things. And… well, lots of stuff. Not to mention lots and lots left to move from my old place and my stoage closet thing. Well, two more weeks until I have to be completely out of my old place.

Oh. Marilyn is on her way back home now. We got to the Trenton Airport for her to catch her flight home to Pittsburgh. First, the guy at the counter chewed us out for arriving too close to the scheduled time for the flight. It is a tiny airport, for a flight on a 10 person plane. So yes, we were cutting is a little close, but thought it was enough. And despite the guy bitching and being rude to us, it WOULD have been OK and she would have caught the flight… except… the canceled it! There had been two flights a day to Pittsburgh… until today. From now on, Sundays there will only be one flight to Pittsburgh from Trenton. They had switched her to the earlier flight, but hadn’t bothered to actually call and tell her. That flight had left like 8 hours earlier.

Anyway, I was getting all prepared to drive Marilyn back to Pittsburgh, but with a few phone calls we got her switched to a later flight leaving from Philly, so I drove her down there and off she went. I’ll see her again, along with Chad and Seth, in two weeks in Idaho. We also finalized some reservations for that today. I’ll eventually update the website with that info. But probably not today.

Anyway, thanks to Marilyn for helping out this weekend, and to Brandy for helping out all week. Without the two of them I’d be a lot further behind in getting settled than I am!