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August 2003

Connectivity Issues

So, Comcast finally, after about 24 hours, got my second IP working. Woo! I was excited. They left me a voice mail while I was at work. As soon as I got home I checked things out. Both computers could see the internet. Woo! The Internet could see both computers. Woo Two!

But… neither computer could see the other one. Which is kind of a big deal. I mean, one of the reasons I have this is to be able to easily share things between the two machines, run a print server, all sorts of other things. Not to mention being able to update my site.

I emailed Greg and Chris for advice. Greg was stumped. Chris hasn’t answered yet. I did end up calling Comcast customer service and put in a ticket that was escallated to the next level of support.

I am suspecting though that this is intentional on their part though. Which would be a major PITA.

I could get only one IP from them and change to using a router to connect my two machines, but that would cause some other hassles.

Or, Greg suggested dumpinmg cable and switching to DSL. If Comcast doesn’t let me do what I want (which by the way worked perfectly in NJ, which was also Comcast) then I may have to seriously consider that.

This sucks. I’ve actually had to dial up via my cellphone just to access things on the second computer downstairs from where I was sitting.

Not Happy.

Idaho Random Trip Update

I’ve updated the Idaho Random Trip page with where we will be staying while we are there. Hotels the first and last days, then a rented condo for the time in Ketchum. Seth will probably join us only three days. It will be me, Chad and Marilyn the rest of the time. We’ll try to do the spot quest and camping while Seth is there with us.

In any case, if anybody decides at the last minute you want to join us, the info on how to find us is there. :-)