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August 2003

Back to the Stone Age

My company, which will remain nameless here on my website, recently announced a change in policy. Got the annoucement last week. It made the news in various places later. I waited to comment here until after it took effect.

Effective 8 August, the ability to log on through the [company] network to e-mail accounts at third-party Internet service providers (ISPs) will be disabled. Employees, therefore, will not be able to log on to their third-party Internet accounts through the [company] network to send or receive e-mail. This policy also includes a ban on the use of Internet-based chat rooms, forums and bulletin boards from the [company] network.

What a crock and step backwards. They claim regulatory and virus security reasons, but both things could be handled without doing this sort of thing if they wanted to.

Of course, they haven’t actually blocked MY mail, they haven’t noticed the nice little server in Chris’s basement I use for this stuff yet I guess. But I am thinking I better respect the policy anyway. They did block one of the internet forums I check regularly though. Grrr! Oh well, I shall live.

I’m thinking of more regularly taking my personal laptop into work and using the cellular connection to get to the net for that sort of stuff if I need it while at work, that way bypassing the corporate network entirely.

Frigerator Blues

So the “final walk through” of the new place was yesterday. Measured the hole where the refrigerator will go. It is about three or four inches too small for the refrigerator I want. And in fact, it is about an inch to small for ANY of the cool refrigerators that were at the local Best Buy. I may end up having to go with a plain simple budget white normal refrigerator instead of one of the cool ones with the funky controls, blinking lights and ice makers and such. Just because the ones I actually want won’t fit in the space without redoing the cabinets, which I am not about to do anytime in the next year. This makes me sad!

Oh well, It’ll probably save me almost a grand though. More I can spend on other stuff. :-)

Sorry for only blogging about house stuff lately. I’ve been a little preoccupied with that sort of thing. :-)

Closing is now less than 24 hours away. Woo! Go me!

Tomorrow afternoon I start buying crap for the new place, and moving some of the essentials over.

Today I think I am going to relax, watch some TV, catch up on some email, and then MAYBE, if I feel like it, pack a couple boxes. :-)