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August 2003

Goodbye Quail Ridge

OK, in a few minutes will be going down, because I’ll be unplugging the Power Macintosh G3 that currently runs it, and lugging it off to my new place in Yardley. The site will probably be down about 45 minutes. Chances are nobody will notice. :-)

But, in any case, this will be the LAST thing I am moving from the old apartment. Yes, even the rotting bowl of fruit that has been on my balcony for the last seven years is already packed upo in the car ready to go. So once I move this, the apartment will be empty except for small pieces of trash on the floor. The people I hire to clean the place every two weeks will come one last time next Tuesday, then I’ll turn in the keys. After that, I will have to write a couple more checks to Quail Ridge because of their terms for breaking the lease early. So yeah, there are a couple last details.

But for all intents, once I unplug the computer I am typing on now, and shove it in my car and lock the door, I will be officially moved out of 1114 Quail Ridge Dr; Plainsboro NJ 08536. Woo!

Of course, I’m sure I’ll post when I’m REALLY all done with all the administrative stuff too. :-)

OK. Time to shut down and unplug.

Google News Alerts

Oh yeah, since the day Google News launched I’ve wanted this…

Google News Alerts

Excellent. I’m off to set up a bunch of daily alerts on random things of interest to me. :-)

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