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August 2003

One Week

Just realized that one week from today instead of sitting in my apartment, I should be sitting in my house. Woo! Getting close!

Um, I guess I should start packing.

Wedding Ticket

Saturday I went to Melanie from work’s wedding. Nice wedding. Nice reception. However in the four block drive from the wedding to the reception I managed to get a ticket for almost running over a young woman in a crosswalk. Woops. You have to yield to pedestrians in Princeton, not the other way around. I knew that, but had forgotten, and completely deserved the ticket. I’m just glad I didn’t actually hit her.

Ticket Number: N-040583
Lic. Plate No.: KAS95T
Defendant Name SAMUEL A MINTER
Vehicle Make SATU
Offense Number 39:4-36
Offense Date 08/02/2003
Offense Time 05:30 PM
Offense Location NASSAU ST/PSW

Penalty Amount $44.00

Pay by Date 08/25/2003

Paying online at the New Jersey Judiciary website right now… Looks like I also get “2 points”. Drat. Oh well, like I said, I deserve it…

Another Gadget Drool

HP is releasing a new updated high end calculator. Now, I have absolutley no need for something like this any more. I still prefer using RPN for basic caluclations, but as to all the high end features… I haven’t really needed or used any of those sorts of things, except maybe a handful of times, since I graduated with my Physics BS in 1993. But it still looks sweet… I have fond memories of my HP48SX, which I still have, and which back in college ran my life, as I used it not just as a calculator, but a PDA, and many other things. I had all sorts of wonderful things on it. I still have it now, but due to a tragic drop onto the floor in 1994 without a recent backup available, none of my old fun stuff is still there. But the memories are still there! :-)

New HP49G+ Calculator

(via Slashdot)

Volleyball Pictures

I was the ref for this set of games a couple of weeks ago. Publishing beat the Print Buyers three games in a row. Oops. Since I was ref, I couldn’t take pictures during the actual games, but here are plenty as people practiced between games and hung around for a bit.

Publishing vs Print Buyers Volleyball!

Cabinet Reshuffles

Apperantly Powell has indicated he is done at the end of this term.

State Dept. Changes Seen if Bush Reelected (

Secretary of State Colin L. Powell and his deputy, Richard L. Armitage, have signaled to the White House that they intend to step down even if President Bush is reelected, setting the stage for a substantial reshaping of the administration’s national security team that has remained unchanged through the September 2001 terrorist attacks, two wars and numerous other crises.

(via Calpundit)

But I don’t think this is actually a big deal. Well, the fact that he is signalling it this early perhaps shows another insight into the obvious tension between Powell and the neocons on many issues and Powell’s frustration with that. But as I posted as a comment at Calpundit, it is standard operating procedure for presidents to reshuffle their entire cabinets between terms. The whole cabinet submits their resignations, and the president reappoints who they want where they want, which is usually significantly different than the first term.