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August 2003

And the winner of the Tivo is…

I send the email to people about the new house and the address and everything and then leave for a few hours, and when I get back there are several things about the Tivo in my email, and posted in the comments here on the blog…

So lets go in reverse order, last to the party first…

23:07 UTC – Erica

Hello Sam!  Can I please have your tivo?  I’ll love you always, even after the 6 months are up.  I grew to love Tivo while staying with Rebecca and Chris and the past 6 months have been bitter television hell without it.  You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to watch commercials and miss Judge Judy. 
Ass kissingly yours,

But, Erica was not in the lists of qualifying people I mentioned, she has sent me almost no email in the last year. Actually, I think this was indeed the first email I’d gotten from Erica in the last 12 months. Perhaps in several years actually. She was sucking up well though… But this was of no import, because someone got in before her…

22:51 UTC – Al

Did I have to specifically mention your unknown Blog?

And before that Al posted a comment here:

22:49 UTC – Al

Am I too late?

Both of which were follow ups to his first email…

22:46 UTC – Al

Did I miss out on the free TiVO?

But alas, Al, you did miss out on the free TiVo, because you were not first. One person beat you.

22:23 UTC – Reb

Dear Sam,

Does my poor starving college student little sister qualify for the free Tivo offer? She loves our Tivo but she can’t afford it right now. She can’t even afford food. Maybe if she had Tivo, she would forget about how hungry she is always.


p.s. I’m digging your new site design.

Now, Rebecca herself does not qualify under my rules. Because she already has a Tivo. But she threw in a twist. She was not asking for herself, but was asking for her poor Tivo deprived sister Erica… Rebecca herself wanted to spread the joy of Tivo. Rebecca who once thought Tivo was a huge waste of money. And maybe still does, but her heart still goes out to poor Erica, with no Tivo! :-)

And, Rebecca complimented the blog, and became the first person to notice it and comment on it! Well… not quite actually. Lynn and Randy and Erikas and Brandy were first… but close I guess. She was fifth! And she said she was “digging” it.

Rebecca was the first one to respond to the free Tivo offer. And while she already has a Tivo, she offered it up to someone who did not. And then Erica herself added her own appeal on behalf of herself a few minutes later (although after Al).


The Tivo goes to Erica!!! (via Reb)

Congratulations Erica!

I’ll be back down in the DC area in mid September. Probably the weekend between the 16th (my birthday) and the 22nd (my dad’s birthday). I can bring it down then. But that is a long time away. I can box it up later this week probably while I’m packing other stuff to move and mail it down if you would like. Or you could join your sister when she comes to visit my new place at some undefined point in the future. You just let me know.

I’m actually assuming mailing it is the way to go. Email me and let me know where I should send it. Oh, also let me know if you have a cable box it will need to control. If so, there might be an extra bit I left at my dad’s that you’ll need (the IR controllers). Otherwise I have all the bits you need.

Anyway, congratualtions Erica! Enjoy the next six months of Tivo! :-)

[Six months after it actually gets to you of course.]