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December 2004

Banking Fit

The bank is hesitating at approving the escrow arrangement on fixing the screen enclosure. There will not be any official word on it until Monday, but the wording so far is they are “concerned”. They may want the sellers to put a larger amount in escrow (which from what I hear they can not afford) or they might want us to put down a bigger down payment (which we can probably swing if we absolutely need to, but it will be hard to arrange with essentially one weeks notice). We will find out for sure Monday. That is also when we will also find out the initial inspection results. So by Monday evening, we should know a lot better what the situation is.

But my rough guess is that the chances of this purchase actually happening have dropped from around 90% to closer to 60%. Odds still on our side (barely), but also a BIG chance of it not happening. Which would really piss us off. Because we have everything in place. The only reason there is any issue at all is because the seller’s bank is threatening the seller with foreclosure if they don’t sell by the end of the year, and because there is a shortage of screening materials in Florida right now. Nothing whatsoever to do with us. If we could only get the seller’s bank to hold off a few more weeks, then there would be no problem at all. We have no issue waiting. It is the other side that can’t.


I hate this. We will be most upset if this doesn’t go through. Grrr!!!

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  • matt

    if screening materials are scarce in FL, then why not drive to the next state? or order what you need online? or tell me or someone else exactly what you need and i’ll buy it and ship it to you?

  • Abulsme

    That’s what they were doing. Driving to Alabama or somewhere. They have it now I think. Just waiting on all the payment arrangements, which are still up to the sellers at this point.

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