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December 2004

Darkflash: Half Way

Time for another Darkflash. Things that I sent out as emails when I didn’t have a blog for a few months that I would have normally posted. They are almost done. Really. Anyway, this one was originally sent to friends and family 8 Sep 2004 06:27:39 UTC.

So, we spent some time in New Orleans. Tried to go on one of those walking tour things, but the one we had the pamphlet for turned out to be canceled. So we just walked around by ourselves for a bit. Bourbon Street was a bit overwhelming for an already tired 8 year old though, so we didn’t stay long in that area and caught a kids movie instead. There was also a lot of swimming in the hotel pool.

Word from a few people we have talked to back in Melbourne is that the house is basically OK. Apparently a palm tree out front fell over, but otherwise things look OK. And at least some of the neighbors have power, so there is a good chance we will have power too. So it is looking good. We won’t know for sure until we get home though. And we picked up a small generator at a Home Depot in New Orleans just in case we were still out… and for the next time the power goes off. :-)

We are on the way back now. In Tallahassee for the night. That’s almost exactly half way home from New Orleans. We’ll go the rest of the way home tomorrow.

Work reports that the office is undamaged, but still without power. They were trying to set up today with generators. I’ll be back at work Thursday. The trip I was on that had to be called short will probably be rescheduled for next week.

So looks like things should be normalizing. Probably one more update once we get home.

Later all!

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