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Robert G Brandon

It has been a long time, way too long, since I posted an ancestor. Recently I have been spending more time working on Amy’s ancestors as I have a big stack of materials from Brandy’s mom and one of Brandy’s cousins on their family that I’m slowly going through. I’d been going through those as a priority. But it had been long enough since I’d worked on my own that I’m switching to a mode where I’ll alternate a bit between mine and Amy’s. In any case, time for another of my ancestors.

This is #24 in my ahnentafel. That means my mother’s father’s father’s father Robert G Brandon. This is another ancestor I do not have a huge amount of information about at the moment, although I suspect there is more in the files of various relatives I just haven’t gotten copies of yet.

He was born in 1845. He was a farmer in Ohio most of his life. He eventually retired to the small town of Versailles, Ohio and died there in 1912. He lived in Darke County, Ohio all his life. He married Mary Ann Mendenhall and depending on the source you believe, they had either 10 or 11 children, 7 of which lived to adulthood. David Clement Brandon, my ancestor, was their 3rd child.

And that is about all I know from a biographical perspective. For more details, click through to his Abulwiki page.

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