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April 2008

After the Debate

I remained spoiler and spin free, having not watched, listened to or read anything about the debate until I watched it straight through myself. Having just finished, my thoughts:

  • I am glad someone told them during one of the breaks to stop looking up at the audience and start looking at the questioners and the cameras, they were both looking like idiots.
  • I can’t believe they spent the entire first 45 minutes of the debate on bullshit stuff like Bosnia, Flag Pins, Joint Tickets, the small town comments, etc. This is all the kind of stuff that pundits can spend time blabbing about, but none of them are actually worth time in a real debate. Talk about stuff that matters please.
  • Otherwise, I counted who I thought did better question by question for the whole debate. I think as a whole it was a draw. Nobody threw any knockout punches, nobody made any big mistakes. I don’t think this debate will end up effecting the dynamics of the race in either PA or in general much… if at all.

At least that is my thought unspoiled by other people’s thoughts. Now it is time to watch a bunch of commentary on it, and read even more. I’ll find out if my thoughts are in line with others, or if I’m completely out on my own. :-)

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