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April 2008

CNN Catches up on Counts

CNN’s intern has apparently been asleep at the switch in recent days/weeks, because all of a sudden they do a big update on their delegate counts, presumably just catching up with developments they missed when they actually happened because they figured people weren’t paying attention or some such. The way they display their data makes it impossible to completely dissect the changes, but there were updates in the delegate counts in at least seven states, plus there were some new superdelegate revisions.

All together, Obama gets 4 new pledged delegates and 8 new superdelegates while Clinton gets 7 new pledged delegates and 2 more superdelegates. Net is Obama gains 12 while Clinton gains 9. Turns out this ratio is pretty close to the ratio of delegates they already had, so this has very little effect on the percent of delegates each candidate has.

Since I haven’t mentioned the actual numbers in awhile, here they are.

Right now Obama has 52.0% of the delegates, Clinton has 47.4% and Edwards has 0.6%.

More importantly though, there are 888 delegates left that have not been allocated or who have not declared a preference.

To win Clinton needs 527 of them (59.3%).
To win Obama needs 381 of them (42.9%).
To win Edwards needs… well, Edwards can’t win. :-)

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