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August 2008

Sam Syndicates Something

As a semi-announcement, my Electoral College Prediction pages are now also being included as a feature on

New Feature! Charts! Maps!
(Chris Weigant, 5 Aug 2008)

The last time I wrote a column about the Electoral College, I provided some graphs to liven up what I was talking about. I got a comment from someone who had his own graphs, who invited me to check them out. I did so, and liked his graphics so much that I asked him if I could cross-post them here for my readers. He graciously accepted, and I’ve got most of the bugs worked out (I think)… so I’m giving readers a one-day preview before I officially roll it out on Huffington Post as well.

As he mentions, it may get some additional exposure tomorrow.


The rumors all over the place seem to be veering quickly in the direction of Evan Bayh for Obama’s Veep. I saw it first on Brendan Loy’s blog while I was at Seafair Sunday… I just never had a chance to post.

Obama to announce Evan Bayh as veep in Elkhart on Wednesday?
(Brendan Loy, 3 Aug 2008)

With the Beijing Olympics set to begin Friday, and continuing until the day before the Democratic National Convention starts, Barack Obama’s last chance to make a pre-convention vice-presidential selection without competing against the Olympics in the news cycle would be early this week… say, Tuesday or Wednesday.

As the article notes, 21 hours in northern Indiana “seems like an awfully long time to be in one place.”

Anyway, what could this mean? A long, mid-week visit to Indiana, right before the Olympics? Could this be the big announcement at last? Obama-Weis ’08? ;)

Actually, the speculation is that it could mean Bayh’s the guy

“The visit…could be to announce the selection of Senator Evan Bayh as Obama’s running mate. … Democratic sources say Secret Service is working out details with local police that would include a motorcade. … Sources say the details appear to be different than a normal presidential candidate visit.”

There will be a rally in Elkhart on Wednesday morning, according to the South Bend Tribune. There is no official word yet on whether Bayh will be in attendance. The event will be open to the public.

I guess there won’t be long to wait to see if this is true, or if it is just another random rumor.

As I mentioned on this week’s podcast none of the veep possibilities really excite me. And that includes Bayh. But maybe he’d push Indiana out of swing state status to a clear Obama lead.

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