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August 2008

Hot Hot Hot

It is over 95 degrees in my office. The little portable AC unit stopped working last week some time. And it is hot again in Seattle. Not 95 degrees hot, it is only 80 outside right now, but the office heats up like an oven in the afternoon when the sun hits that side of the house, and it lasts for many many hours. It probably won’t be a temperature where I could feel functional in there until well after midnight.

I have retreated to the bedroom, where is is only 87. Of course, that is still too hot for me.

It might be a little cooler still downstairs, but for the moment I’m staying here.

But I hate the hot and sticky. I pretty much can’t function. So all the normal things I’d do in my office in the evenings are not happening. Instead I am lying here watching things on the Tivo. Completely non-productive. But doesn’t require movement.

The fact that air conditioning is rare in this part of the country is so annoying.

It is because it is only like this a few days a year, so for the most part it isn’t worth it.

But I can’t stand these few days.

And the thought of a new one of those portable AC units that actually works is very appealing right now. Of course, by the time I decide that maybe, just maybe, it is actually worth going out and getting one, the heat will be gone.