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August 2008

DVD: Roswell: Season One: Disk Two

A few weeks ago it was time for another DVD that we own but have never watched. Amy chose. It would be disk two of season one of Roswell. Amy had a friend over that night. We all watched the first episode together. But then partway through the second episode Amy and her friend and Brandy started making noise and throwing candy around, and after the second or third time it happened I couldn’t deal any more and left them to watch the rest on their own. (When I watch DVDs I need to do so in complete silence, concentrating on the screen, and any distractions throw me completely out of the experience and make me quite unhappy.)

Anyway, slowly over the last few weeks I watched the rest of the episodes on this disk. I finished sometime last week. So time to post it.

Not too much to say though. The episodes were:

“Missing”: A lost journal with all sorts of secrets. I don’t remember much else. It wasn’t hugely memorable, but it was an OK episode.

“285 South”: This is the one that I left in the middle of. I liked it better. It was a little funny, and they went and found the dome thing.

“River Dog”: They go and find a cave with stuff in it that may have information about their past.

“Blood Brother”: Max gets injured and Alex helps cover up, and his relationship with Liz suffers. I actually liked this one the best of the four I think.

All in all four decent episodes. Nothing super exciting though.