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August 2008

A Street From Above

Final Dem Delegate Update

Just to be complete about it, I updated my Presidential Delegate Graphs with the final results.

(Well, pending me finding a source actually showing the full delegate vote that was done with paper ballots.)

Upset Hillary Delegate

I saw this delegate on CNN right after Hillary’s speech. I made a note to check YouTube for it later. I’m sure CNN intentionally found the most upset distraught Hillary dead ender they could find. But it still made for a compelling few minutes of television. And perhaps some insight into the subset of the Hillary folks who are not ready to fully support Obama.


CNN is reporting that Powlenty is canceling all sorts of things from his schedule (TV appearances and such). I guess this means that either it is him, or he just got told it isn’t him and he is going home to cry.

Gustav Live Report

Lifting from the comments on my Gustav Again post so more people will see it. My Curmudgeon’s Corner cohost Ivan is currently in Jamaica as Gustav approaches.

He makes this report:

Live reporting here from Jamaica. It’s gotten quite windy but nothing really serious yet as I am on the western side of Jamaica. The airport here in Montego Bay is closing in about 30 minutes and the hotel has hunkered down for the storm. I am not concerned about the storm where I am staying, this hotel was built in 2000 and unlike most other resorts this one Hurricane glass all around and is built out of reinforced concrete. The main building is at least 25 feet above sea level, at least, so storm surge is also not a concern. All the furniture has been collected outside and everything has been secured and battened down. We actually went on a plantation tour all day and just got back into the hotel to be greeted by the General Manager who told us to not be concerned. In Jamaica the locals expect wind and rain but at tropical storm strength no devastation.

Speaking of New Orleans the truth is that this just highlights (and I guess it really needed it because everyone forgot) just how badly or nonexistent in some areas the recovery process has gone in New Orleans. It’s a fucking joke. The Levees are not fixed, a large percentage of housing is still uninhabitable, etc.. etc… In Florida we got hit by multiple storms over the same time that New Orleans got hit by ONE, JUST ONE and we are not in a fucking panic. The crime this administration perpetrated on New Orleans is outrageous, and maybe this is what’s necessary to highlight the fucking joke the recovery has been.

Editing a few minutes later to add: As of the 18 UTC NHC update, looks like for Western Jamaica where Ivan is, 70% to 80% chance of tropical storm force winds, about 7% chance of hurricane force winds. In New Orleans, 40% chance of tropical storm force winds, 7% chance of hurricane force winds.

McCain Veeps

Supposedly the decision has been made. The person will be told today. It will be announced tomorrow morning. The choice will PROBABLY leak sometime today, possibly right around Obama’s speech, to take attention away from that.

The current “top three” in buzz seem to be Mitt Romney, Tim Powlenty or Joe Lieberman.

People don’t seem anywhere near as “sure” of this top three list as they did of the top three on the Dem side last week and other names continue to be mentioned as well.

I’m still hoping for Carly Fiorina so I can see Ivan’s head explode.

Gustav Again

When last we left Gustav, I was teasing my friend Ivan about going to Jamaica as it was approaching. But the odds had diminished to 30% to 50% that Jamaica would get tropical storm force winds, and less than a 10% chance of hurricane force winds.

As of the 12 UTC charts from the NHC, in Jamaica the odds are now 80% to 100% for tropical storm force winds depending on which part of Jamaica you are talking about. For hurricane force winds those odds are 5% to 15%. Non-trivial. Worth worrying about, but still an 85% chance of NOT having hurricane force winds. Tropical storm force winds are pretty close to certain though, so I’m sure Ivan is in a bar somewhere enjoying it and watching the show. :-)

Which brings us to New Orleans. For the last 48 hours, people have been getting increasingly agitated that New Orleans will get slammed by a major hurricane early next week. The “track” aims right at new Orleans. The mayor is rushing home. The Republicans are making contingency plans to adjust their convention schedule if needed, etc.

But lets put it into perspective.

This morning’s NHC update finally shows New Orleans with a greater than 5% chance of hurricane force winds in the next five days. Before that, the odds of New Orleans getting hit by hurricane force winds were less than 5%. (Tropical storm force winds are another story, but we’re not really worried about those, are we?) But yet people were getting all worked up.

Now, I understand why given what happened a few years ago. But…

Right now it looks like for New Orleans the chance of tropical storm force winds is about 35%. The odds of hurricane force winds are about 7%.

Now, 7% is not zero. It is not something to ignore. If you are anywhere within the area with 5% or greater odds, you should be making proper preparations, including preparing to get the hell out if you are in a place like New Orleans. By the way, that 5% area also includes a lot more of Louisiana than New Orleans, the entire Mississippi and Alabama coastlines, western Cuba, Jamaica (as discussed) and the northern Yucatan in Mexico. Now, that means prepare and pay attention and be smart… NOT panic and act like the world is ending.

In New Orleans there is still a 93% chance they will NOT get hurricane force winds in the next five days. NINETY THREE PERCENT.

There is a 65% chance they won’t even get tropical storm force winds.

Now, 7% can still happen. Um… about 7% of the time in this kind of situation it would.

But really, people are getting a little ahead of themselves with the increasingly feverish talk about this.

Now… if over the next few days that 7% turns into 15% turns into 25% turns into 50% turns into 70%… then that is a completely different story.

Biden’s Speech

A lot better than I had thought it would be. I really liked the family stuff at the beginning though. (Including the introduction by his son.) That stuff about the car crash gets me every time. That got my attention a lot more than the rest of the speech. Although it did build in energy as it went.

And then Obama came out at the end.

Expectations are really high for him tomorrow.

We shall see.

Watching Bill

I had to watch Bill on delay (thank you C-Span!) because I had a work thing while it was live. And I admit, I sort of multi-tasked while watching it too, so didn’t pay full attention. My rough impression was that he said what he was expected to say and needed to say, but I didn’t get all roused by his speech or anything. For the moment I’ll stick with the fact that the only speeches worth listening to so far have been Kennedy’s, Michelle Obama’s and Schweitzer’s.

I’m now trying to catch up to real time on my Tivo. Watching Kerry right now.

I now remember why I didn’t like him four years ago. Bleh.

At this point I’m not all that hyped about Biden.

Maybe Obama will really bring it home tomorrow. But so far this has been very blah.

[Edit 3:21 UTC – Oh yeah, and Hillary. I forgot already, but hers was great too.]