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August 2008

Sent Home

The power won’t be back for many hours, so an announcement came booming over the speakers telling everybody to go work from home. So that is that. I’m at lunch now. After that I will work from home for the afternoon.


No Power

There is no electricity here at work. So everybody is having a little bit of trouble doing normal activities.

Actually, there is not “no” electricity. Looks like there is an emergency generator going or something. There are some emergency lights. One elevator is working. And the network is working. And people are using up their laptop batteries.

It does not stop certain types of meetings though, so I gotta go…

Roll Call Vote

Several places are now reporting that the deal is done, and Hillary Clinton’s name WILL be placed into nomination at the convention. Good. I do not like Hillary, but I like the idea of the vote at the convention actually somewhat resembling the numbers that came out of the primary process rather than being artificially unanimous.

Of course, this will give all the superdelegates (and the rest of the delegates for that matter) one last chance to change their minds and go for Clinton after all… Nah… won’t happen. :-)

Electoral College: Virginia flips back to McCain

For the first time since July 1st a state actually flips from one side to the other. All other recent changes have just been in the level of strength one candidate or another had in a state.

The change on July 1st was Virginia flipping from Leaning McCain to Leaning Obama. Virginia now flips back to Leaning McCain. Either way, Virginia is a swing state. It is essentially too close to call. At the moment my five poll average actually has McCain ahead by 0.2%. That is close. That is a tossup.

But it does move into McCain’s column at this point for the “if everybody gets their leans” count. And this continues a string of good news for McCain. McCain has indeed “shown up” and is in the process of making this a real contest again. Ohio is also very close right now, with Obama with a very slim lead. If McCain manages to flip Ohio as well then we will once again essentially have a tie game.

Current Summary:

McCain Best Case – McCain 298, Obama 240
Obama Best Case – Obama 384, McCain 154

If everybody gets their leans (and Obama gets DC) – Obama 293, McCain 245

Recent trends have all been in McCain’s direction. Perhaps it is time for Obama to come back from vacation and start participating again.

Ahhh… That’s Better

Just picked up my car from a major repair. Fixed lots of things that had been not quite right for quite a few months. It now no longer shakes violently when I slow down, which is probably a very good thing. The driver’s side window now opens and closes normally. The noises it makes when it runs are less than they were. It no longer has a flat tire. Etc, etc, etc.

MUCH better.

This time around the dealership basically said they wouldn’t fix it because there was too much wrong and it was too old. So we took it somewhere else and they happily made my car feel a lot better. But in between I was actually starting to think seriously about what I would get if I had to get a new car NOW.

Now, it is a Saturn with 190K+ miles on it. It isn’t going to last all that much longer. Sooner or later (probably sooner), the engine will just die and then I’ll probably have to get a new car.

But in the meantime, hopefully this will give this old car another 6 months to a year… if I’m lucky. But even if it doesn’t, it will keep me happy for the moment.

And it is MUCH better than it was before we took it in initially at the end of last week.