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August 2008


As was announced earlier, on Wednesday Chris Weigant included a link to us on one of his Huffington Post columns. This site is indeed getting some extra traffic due to this. So for those new people, welcome.

Besides the 2008 Electoral College Prediction pages and the blog itself, other popular items here include the:

If you find any of this interesting, please do come back.

In the meantime, for regular readers, here is the article that mentions this site… along with additional analysis of the state of the race.

Electoral Math Charts Updated
(Chris Weigant, Huffington Post, 6 Aug 2008)

It’s time once again to take a look at the Electoral College math from state-level polling. Nationwide polls are not completely meaningless, but they are pretty irrelevant — because that’s not how we elect a president. You have to win enough states to get more than half the electoral votes in the Electoral College. While many would like to change this system, it’s what we’ve got for the 2008 election, and so looking at the state-level polling is much more important to figure out where the race is right now, and what the trends are.

[Blatant website plug: has just added a new 2008 Electoral Graphics page with a constantly-updated electoral graph and electoral map. These are different graphs than the ones I use here, and are created by Samuel Minter of The data gathering and methodology he uses is superior to what I have used, as he averages the last five state polls for every state (which smoothes out the outlier poll numbers). I encourage you to check this page on a daily basis to see how the trendlines are moving, right up to the election.]