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August 2008

Leaving Voice Mails

Here is a hint, if you call me, and you get my voice mail, and you leave me a voice mail… there is then no need to call every hour all day long to leave more basically identical messages with no new information. That is annoying. When you also alternate the calls to me with calls to Brandy doing exactly the same thing, and leaving the same message on her voice mail time after time, that is also not helpful.

When I get around to checking my voice mail, I’ll get all of the messages all at once. Calling over and over again and leaving the same message over and over again will not get me to call you back any sooner. In fact, it will probably make me pissed off and not want to call you at all, even if I was actually expecting your call and did have business to conduct with you.

Also, if you leave me a voice mail, please leave an actual message giving information I can use to know the relevant information when I call you back. Don’t just say “This is Joe Bob from Company Q, please call me back right away.” Especially if you leave that message 16 times on two voice mail boxes in an 8 hour period.

Thank you.

Electoral College: Alaska Swings, Obama weakens in New Jersey

Mixed results today. Good news for each candidate in different places.

The good news for Obama: McCain’s lead in Alaska drops to less than 5% in my last five poll average. This moves Alaska from “Weak McCain” to “Lean McCain”. And it means Alaska is a swing state and really is up for grabs. Now, Alaska has apparently voted Republican in all but one election since it became a state. So tipping Alaska over might be a big deal. Except for the fact that it is only three electoral votes. But it looks like Obama might actually be competitive here, and this improves Obama’s best case slightly.

The good news for McCain: Obama’s lead in New Jersey slips to less than 10% in my last five poll average. New Jersey moves from “Strong Obama” to “Weak Obama”. The state is still a long way from being a swing state, but this weakening continues a trend over the last few of weeks, where Obama’s positions in Michigan, Wisconsin, South Carolina and New Hampshire have all deteriorated somewhat. But while Obama’s lead is diminished in New Jersey, it is still substantial enough to keep it blue on the overall map.

Current Summary:

McCain Best Case – McCain 298, Obama 240
Obama Best Case – Obama 384, McCain 154

If everybody gets their leans (and Obama gets DC) – Obama 306, McCain 232

Curmudgeon’s Corner: Showing Up to Bang Georgia

Sam and Ivan talk about:

  • Russia and Georgia
  • Edwards in the News
  • Olympic Coverage
  • Tourism Briefly
  • More on DRM
  • Lack of Consequences
  • McCain Shows Up
  • Scam Update

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