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November 2008

Obama Brings Inflation Already

Copies of yesterday’s New York Times are going for over $100 on EBay.

(As I write, the current bid on the auction about to expire is $102.50. That may of course change by the time you click through on the link.)

Is it bad that I want one?

4 comments to Obama Brings Inflation Already

  • gregh

    Not bad. Just evidence of “slobbering.”

  • Abulsme

    Every once in awhile for the last seven and a half years, I’ve thought about the fact I still haven’t replied to this comment because I hadn’t gotten to the notice of the comment in my email backlog yet (I will someday!), but I found myself reviewing my 2008 election posts and came across it, and here I am, so I might as well give the answer that has been going through my head for seven years: “Hmm, maybe. But also perhaps the fact that I have somewhere in my garage a box full of old newspapers from a variety of historical events that I made sure to save when they happened, including elections, disasters, and other things. This would have just been one of those.” It was because it was a historic thing, not just because it was Obama, although I did like Obama. I would similarly want a NYT showing Trump’s election if that were to happen though. Not any person being elected, just any that seemed historic or notable for some reason. Of course, in the time since the above, I haven’t really done that any more because at this point an actual physical paper seems just, wrong. Who would want one of those? Bleh! I’d be more likely to save a screenshot of the webpage at this point. :-)

  • gregh

    Well, I’m certainly pleased to have finally received a response, even if the email notification was a bit jarring.

  • Abulsme

    There is one other pre-2009 comment somewhere I think I haven’t responded to yet. I hope to get to it sometime in the next decade.

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