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@abulsme Updates from 2012-03-05 (UTC)

  • RT @chucktodd: Romney is traveling today like a candidate who cares more about delegates than primaties. #atlanta and #knoxville #
  • RT @fivethirtyeight: Romney's about even-money to win an outright majority of Super Tuesday delegates. #
  • RT @fivethirtyeight: Right now, my guesstimates are 217 del for Romney, 108 for Santorum, 60 for Gingrich, 25 for Paul — more detail later. #
  • Reading – British journalists accused by militia group of spying in Libya (Chris Stephen) #
  • Reading – An Interview With One of Ron Paul's Top Secret Manchurian Delegates (Eli Sanders) #
  • How I Caucused Myself as a Republican Precinct Committee Officer for Rick Santorum (Paul Constant) #
  • Reading – Ron Paul, Goldy, Big Winners at 37 LD Republican Precinct Caucuses (Goldy, Slog) #
  • Reading – Obama At AIPAC (Andrew Sullivan) #
  • Reading – Torrent users freak out over shift from Xvid to x264, threaten to pirate elsewhere (Andrew Webster) #
  • Reading – Obama: "We've Got Israel's Back" Ctd (Andrew Sullivan) #
  • Reading – Romney Could Win Majority of Super Tuesday Delegates (Nate Silver) #
  • RT @daveweigel: Santorum on track to win in Oklahoma. Lest you think that doesn't matter, remember: Wes Clark won it in 2004. #
  • RT @LarrySabato: Super-Tues seems mainly about Mitt. He gets MA,VA,VT, prob OH & ID. Outside shot at TN. Maybe wins ND or AK. #
  • MT @fivethirtyeight: People seem not-so-excited about Super Tuesday. Kind of bullish 4 Romney, suggests we've reached the acceptance stage. #
  • RT @ppppolls: BTW in case you thought Birtherism was dead: 33% of TN Republicans think Obama was born in US, 45% do not #
  • MT @joshtpm: For u who don't follow pollsters' twitter, sounds like broad Romney trend going into Tues, maybe even a bit of newtmentum #
  • Reading – We interrupt normal IR blogging to state the obvious about the Star Wars films (Daniel W. Drezner) #

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