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@abulsme Updates from 2012-08-03 (UTC)

  • RT @appwiz: @abulsme Mary Jo Foley got a response from MSFT that the reduced emphasis is not because of litigation #
  • .@appwiz Thanks for the followup link. Still a branding mess. #
  • Reading – Is 'Metro' now a banned word at Microsoft? (Mary Jo Foley) #
  • Reading – Math doesn't suck, you do. (Maddox, The Best Page in the Universe) #
  • Reading – A plain blog about politics: Electoral College Advantage Revisited (Jonathan Bernstein) #
  • Reading – How Microsoft Lost Its Mojo: Steve Ballmer and Corporate America’s Most Spectacular (Kurt Eichenwald) #
  • Reading – HiRISE Camera to Attempt Imaging Curiosity’s Descent to Mars (Nancy Atkinson) #
  • MT @brendanloy: The 1st pres debate should feature all cand on enough ballots to get 270 EVs. THEN apply the 15% criterion to later debates. #
  • Reading – Obama Poll Watch — July, 2012 (Chris Weigant) #
  • Reading – Election Prediction, August Edition (Oliver Willis) #
  • Reading – Garbage Strike Officially Over (Dominic Holden) #
  • Reading – In Defense of Trilogizing 'The Hobbit' (Ta-Nehisi Coates) #
  • Reading – The Fantasy Of Paul Ryan, Ctd (Andrew Sullivan) #
  • Reading – The end of Nathan Fillion (Jenny Lawson) #

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