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@abulsme Updates from 2012-08-09 (UTC)

  • Reading – 2012 Electoral Math: Ups and Downs (Chris Weigant) #
  • RT @mattyglesias: The passion for big government regulation of street intersections in the erstwhile land of the free is remarkable. #
  • MT @PlanetDr: Dep Proj Scientist suggests @SarcasticRover actlly the spare rover at JPL Jealous it isn't rocking Mars like @MarsCuriosity :D #
  • RT @owillis: check out this mars panorama then tell me w a straight face we shouldnt send man there. C'MON. #
  • Reading – 90 Days Until the Election—And Obama Has the Advantage (Nate Cohn) #
  • RT @HunterDK: Mitt's latest election gaffe: he once passed a law that might have theoretically helped someone. WILL HE SURVIVE THIS? #
  • RT @HonestToddler: The toy I need is in the car. #
  • .@ChrisAWheeler I am pretty sure there is a ticket you can file to fix that… :-) #

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