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@abulsme Updates from 2012-08-20 (UTC)

  • MT @ToddAkin To be clear all of us understand that rape can result in pregnancy & I have great empathy for victims. I regret misspeaking. #
  • Reading – Is Akin Toast? (Josh Marshall) #
  • RT @GarrettQuinn: So something happened in the Missouri US Senate race today, huh? #
  • MT @owillis: shorter nyt: repubs said a thing. and the democrats disagree. we can’t possibly investigate the factual inaccuracies here y’al. #
  • MT @BenjySarlin: Dont get why Romney response to Akin is so weak — whole GOP seems to be dumping him, it’s like a rare free throw w/ indies #
  • RT @DemConWatch: Paul calls for his supporters to be civil #
  • RT @KenJennings: Can you imagine the very first brave soul who ever saw a Triscuit and thought, “Hey, maybe you could eat those”? #
  • MT @binarybits: @asymmetricinfo I think theory (which I don’t endorse) is women will pretend they were raped in order to get an abortion. #
  • MT @cordjefferson: Unless you drown, there is nothing regrettable about drinking with your friends & going skinny dipping. Own it. #
  • Reading – A Canard That Will Not Die: ‘Legitimate Rape’ Doesn’t Cause Pregnancy (Garance Franke-Ruta) #

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