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@abulsme Updates from 2012-08-31 (UTC)

  • .@mattyglesias No election other than the very first can be the most important… EVERYTHING after would be different based on first winner. #
  • Reading – Should we bring back "Crossfire" (Seth Masket) #
  • MT @brendanloy: Once upon a time fact-checking wasn’t part of journalism. It WAS journalism. We don’t need less of it. We need way way more. #
  • @twitntwirp2012 All pols stretch and distort truth, but the R's seem to be making a real art of it this year! #
  • Guess I'm watching Clint Eastwood. #
  • Clint seems a little lost. Is he just ad-libbing? Not sure about the talking to the chair thing. #
  • This is not going well for Clint. At least on TV. The crowd there seems to be OK with it. #
  • Poor Clint. #
  • Is he done yet? #
  • What is he saying? #
  • Wow. That was a bit nuts. #
  • Will Rubio talk to an empty chair too? #
  • Generally bored by these autobiographical bits. Although Obama's was good in 2004. #
  • RT @ClintsChair Okay, I'm sick of taking this sitting down #
  • First time I'm really watching Rubio do anything. Not super impressed so far. #
  • Looks real young though. Is he 12? #
  • RT @HuffPostHill Somewhere backstage, Clint is still talking to the chair. #
  • RT @mattyglesias FACTCHECK: There's no clear evidence that God exists. #
  • Rubio's getting better as he goes along, but the toddler is climbing on me making it hard to listen. #
  • I can see some of the Rubio appeal, but he probably does need another few years to season. We'll see how he looks in in 2016 or 2020. #
  • RT @joshtpm New line item added to RNC manual: No ad-lib speeches by famous actors over 80. No exceptions. #
  • Here's Romney! (Read in Ed McMahon voice.) #
  • Here we go. #
  • He accepts! (Surprise!) #
  • iPod joke. Bleh. #
  • My Slingbox audio and video are out of sync. Distracting. Bleh. #
  • He seems to be stumbling over some of the lines. A few garbled sentences here and there. #
  • "Hug your kids, spend more time praying." Uh, OK. #
  • Oh no, the biographical part. Snooze. #
  • Armstrong call out. #
  • This would have been more interesting with Gingrich. Or Santorum. #
  • I found Waldo! #
  • Mitt has friends who are women. #
  • Is he going to cry? #
  • This disappointed with Obama thing resonates, but will the disappointed people really prefer Mitt? #
  • MT @CenteredPols You know theres something wrong as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him. /devastating line #
  • MT @sullydish "He believes jobs come from govt." Really? private/public sector job record under GB & BO in first terms: #
  • Steve Jobs would be a big Romney fan. Not. #
  • MT @BuzzFeedBen The thing about Romney He does deliver. This is the speech he needed. Doesn't blow it away, but does what he needs to do. #
  • Drill baby drill! Oh wait… #
  • RT @petersuderman Why not just go ahead and promise energy independence – and *unicorns*? Just as plausible, but way more awesome. #
  • No new taxes! Read my… oh wait. #
  • OK, that Obama ocean line was really bad. He shouldn't have said that. Obama deserves being made fun of for that. #
  • He actually isn't doing bad on the speechifying part. Ignoring the content. Just delivery. Better as he finishes up. #
  • Balloons? Where are the balloons? #
  • Balloons waiting for Ryan? He's there now. Balloons please. #
  • Balloons! #
  • That was OK, not great. But that might be all he needed for the moment. #
  • Actually, he probably needed more. Not sure that will have changed many minds or swung many actually undecided voters. #
  • Since he is currently behind, he needs something to start moving people over to his side. #
  • It won't help that tomorrow more people will be talking about Eastwood than Romney. #
  • OK, enough of that. Dinner time. #
  • Hear hear! RT @markos: Choosing one's company over family doesn't make one a hero. I refuse to miss my kids' games and performances. #
  • RT @JoeMuto: Nothing says "Party of the Future" like a rambling old man mumbling to an empty chair. #

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