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This Year’s First Costume

This was actually LAST year’s costume. Last year Alex absolutely refused to wear it. He made ME wear it. So we went around trick or treating with Daddy in the Thomas the Tank Engine costume, and Alex mostly in arms. This year, Brandy spent hours showing Alex costumes online, with him systematically rejecting every one. Until he saw one of Clifford the Big Red Dog. He was excited about that one. He wanted that one. It was ordered. It arrived. He spent the last week talking about his Clifford costume and trying it on a few times.

This morning though, when told that kids were wearing costumes to school today, he decided he did not want to be Clifford. He wanted his costume from last year. He wanted Thomas. So he went to school as Thomas. He did agree however that he still wanted to be Clifford for Trick or Treating tonight.

At school when I dropped him off almost all the kids were in costume. One little girl came over and told me her costume was Minnie Mouse. I then asked her what she thought Alex was. She said Alex was a choo choo train, and Alex just beamed and smiled. Since Alex was the new arrival a few seconds later we were surrounded by a half dozen three year olds all checking out Alex’s costume. Alex showed it off and looked very proud. :-)

We’ll see if when it is actually time for trick or treating in an hour or two if he still wants to switch to the Clifford costume.

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  • Ruth M Brandon

    Wow! a kid with TWO costumes that fit the same year! He looks great as Thomas – and if he switches will also be a great Clifford!!! (smile) Have fun – here the “beggars night” was postponed until 6-8 on Saturday when it will be dry and warmer.

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