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Curmudgeon’s Corner: My Wonderful Foot

This week on the Curmudgeon’s Corner podcast Ivan and Sam’s big topics are the Presidential race, the goings on in Congress, and Ivan’s musings on tech while attending Oracle OpenWorld. That gets you everything from the Benghazi hearing to the appeal of Carson to Speaker Ryan, the Budget Deal, and even Twitter and Hadoop. But it all starts with a bit on San Fransisco, and Sam breaking his foot. Fun!

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Recorded 2015-10-28

Length this week – 1:53:06

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Show Details:

  • (0:00:10-0:25:41) But First
    • Agenda
    • San Fransisco
    • Sam broke his foot
  • (0:26:20-0:48:45) Election 2016
    • Future Sam on Republican Debate
    • Ivan touches things
    • Democratic Polls
    • Clinton Benghazi Hearing
    • Clinton turnaround
    • Clinton vs the Republicans
    • Trump losing… to Carson?
    • The appeal of Trump and Carson
    • Bush concentrating on Rubio
    • The other Republicans
  • (0:59:33-1:19:56) Congress
    • Speaker Ryan
    • Budget Deal
    • CISA Passes Senate
    • Politicians and Tech
    • One more Carson thing
  • (1:21:00-1:52:46) Tech Update
    • Oracle OpenWorld
    • What is Hadoop?
    • Rise of the cloud
    • Speed of Innovation
    • Tech Company Earnings
    • Apple
    • Twitter
    • Native Advertising
    • Taking Companies Private or non-Profit
    • Book: The Scarlet Plague

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