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January 2016

@abulsme tweets from 2016-01-13 (UTC)

  • 02:22:29 Just got home from my commute. Been listening to #SOTU in the car. I liked the opening Iowa joke. :-)
  • 02:24:14 By the way, the hubbub about him needing to mention the 10 Americans in Iran tonight is BS. Looks like that situation is minor and handled.
  • 02:25:29 The agenda laundry list itself is useless most years, even more so this year. So he is just putting out his views using that as a vehicle.
  • 02:27:30 What were Biden and Ryan just laughing about? I missed it…
  • 02:28:15 Retweeted @JoshuaGreen 02:17:11 This speech is a giant @realDonaldTrump subtweet
  • 02:28:22 Retweeted @natsecHeather 02:27:53 interesting thing is that so is the @nikkihaley response
  • 02:29:43 This speech marks the point where officially all attention shifts to the 2016 candidates and away from the current administration, right?
  • 02:29:56 Or did that already happen a year ago…?
  • 02:32:49 I liked the Sputnik line. Funny.
  • 02:33:44 I like how this year’s speech feels a little more relaxed and informal. Well, as informal as talking to a joint session of congress gets.
  • 02:35:23 Nice applause lines about the cancer initiative, but how much can be done in a year without significant congressional funding?
  • 02:38:14 Retweeted @mollyesque 02:37:27 Shorter Obama: “We have so much winning, I’m getting bored with winning."
  • 02:39:21 Retweeted @asymmetricinfo 02:36:45 So let me see if I’ve got this straight: in exchange for a trip to the moon, Joe Biden is agreeing to cure cancer?
  • 02:43:43 Retweeted @speechboy71 02:37:46 BREAKING: Exclusive Photo of White House Refrigerator of F***ks
  • 02:44:54 Liking Obama’s foreign policy section so far.
  • 02:45:29 What a face on Lindsay Graham!
  • 02:49:06 Obama is systematically doing the counter argument against everything Trump and Cruz & the other R’s have been saying on the campaign trail.
  • 02:50:41 Retweeted @EsotericCD 02:50:15 Twitter tells me that the President has apparently inadvertently mispronounced a word.
  • 02:54:14 Retweeted @politicalwire 02:53:50 President Obama broke his promise about this being a short speech
  • 02:56:22 Retweeted @mmurraypolitics 02:56:06 Obama: "When politicians insult Muslims… that doesn't make us safer. It isn't telling it like it is… It betrays who we are as a country"
  • 02:56:47 Retweeted @jbarro 02:56:34 Obama's is aiming straight at Trump in order to elevate him, not to diminish him.
  • 02:59:20 Unfortunately not much appetite for the “we must compromise and work together” view at the moment. On either side really.
  • 03:02:26 Retweeted @natsecHeather 03:01:12 Length of speech spurred 11-y.o. to put self to bed. First time ever. #ThanksObama
  • 03:03:25 Retweeted @natsecHeather 03:03:13 no, the problem is that anyone who believes politics is hopeless is not listening an hour in
  • 03:03:52 .@natsecHeather They weren’t listening one minute in either. in reply to natsecHeather
  • 03:04:46 This part sounds more like a farewell speech than the rest did. He still has another year!
  • 03:05:45 Arguing for political structural reform = Washington on parties and foreign entanglements, Eisenhower on military industrial complex, etc.
  • 03:07:50 .@jbarro Maybe, but if so risky strategy. The “Trump would be easy to beat” hypothesis may not be true. Not worth the bet. in reply to jbarro
  • 03:09:18 Retweeted @nxthompson 03:08:20 This speech has so many of the same themes—togetherness, diversity, change—as early Obama. But tempered.
  • 03:10:29 And now we’re done. One of his better SOTUs. Which is a lower bar than his speeches in general.
  • 03:13:06 As usual with this kind of speech, won’t change many minds. Nobody who hated Obama before will like him now. But that isn’t what it is for.
  • 03:14:46 How long do we have to wait for the Republican response?
  • 03:15:03 Retweeted @kimholcomb 03:12:10 And now, to the "hugging at the end of SNL" part of #SOTU.
  • 03:15:51 Retweeted @hominidviews 03:15:44 Not long enough!
  • 03:16:44 Retweeted @ezraklein 03:16:35 I think Obama would very much enjoy running against Donald Trump
  • 03:19:37 Retweeted @danpfeiffer 03:19:20 The fact checker who is trying to ding everyone because this is technically Obama's 7th SOTU is a sad lonely person
  • 03:21:11 Retweeted @AlexParkerDC 03:20:19 When Obama blamed gerrymandering for partisan polarization, that sound you heard was hundreds of poli sci professors gnashing their teeth.
  • 03:21:15 Retweeted @jbarro 03:20:49 No, they're too busy repeating "Trump's poll numbers are illusory" like a mantra.
  • 03:23:26 One of the CNN commentators said that 2016 won’t be about changing minds, it will be about mobilizing turnout. That sounds about right.
  • 03:23:37 Ah, here comes Nikki Haley.
  • 03:28:20 Retweeted @donnabrazile 03:28:05 Gov. Haley: "During anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. We must resist that temptation."
  • 03:29:01 Retweeted @BenjySarlin 03:28:31 So basically tonight was two different State of the Union responses to President Trump
  • 03:29:57 Retweeted @FrankBruni 03:29:47 Resist "siren's call" of "angriest voices," says Nikki Haley in her #SOTU response. Translation? Tune out Donald Trump. (Cruz, too.)
  • 03:30:54 Retweeted @natsecHeather 03:30:46 Wow, @nikkihaley cites Charleston killings and removal of Confederate flag. Kudos to her.
  • 03:31:19 Haley actually managing to sound reasonable here. How long until she is run out of the Republican party for it? :-)
  • 03:31:49 Retweeted @jimgeraghty 03:31:19 This is the best GOP response speech in a long time… but I'm not sure how big an impact it will have. Are people still watching?
  • 03:34:01 That wasn’t bad. Too bad none of the kind of attitude she is showing is showing much in the Republicans running in 2016. At all.
  • 03:34:24 Retweeted @NewsFletch 03:29:19 Hey why isn’t Nicki Haley a #gop presidential candidate? She sounds reasonable.
  • 03:34:27 Retweeted @HarryBallzak1 03:32:16 @NewsFletch I believe you answered your own question. in reply to NewsFletch
  • 03:35:21 Retweeted @oliverdarcy 03:33:38 Coulter: "Trump should deport Nikki Haley."
  • 03:35:42 Retweeted @JohnFeehery 03:34:22 Haley did better than Rubio, Jindal and just about everybody else who has done a response.
  • 03:38:39 OK, enough tweeting for now. Time to move on and take advantage of the fact my son fell asleep early to get some stuff done… :-)
  • 04:39:51 Retweeted @JoshuaGreen 04:39:07 At 6 a.m. tomorrow, we'll release a new Bloomberg/DMR Iowa poll of the GOP field and add drama to the emerging Cruz/Trump contretemps
  • 05:03:47 Retweeted @suss2hyphens 02:35:29 OBAMA: "I believe we can put a man on Mars within six months. That man will be Donald Trump. That is the end of the plan"
  • 19:11:30 Retweeted @imbou 18:01:04 I did listen, just because i don't agree, it doesn't mean I didn't listen!!!!!
  • 19:11:53 .@imbou You obviously didn’t listen well enough. Try again. in reply to imbou