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January 2016

@abulsme tweets from 2016-01-18 (UTC)

  • 01:59:58 Sitting down for the Dem debate. Woo?
  • 02:01:14 Main question, will Clinton continue to go negative? I think that has been a mistake so far. Reminds folks of the worst of the Clintons.
  • 02:06:03 O’Malley still here. Opens by pointing out how much younger he is than the other two.
  • 02:08:08 Sanders first 100 days priorities all things that would die instantly in congress.
  • 02:09:28 Of course Clinton’s answer was a non answer too. O’Malkeys will be too.
  • 02:10:05 Only honest answer is “I don’t know, it depends what is going on in the world next January, which we don’t know today.”
  • 02:15:33 I know why Sanders is here. Why is O’Malley still here? VP audition?
  • 02:18:50 Clinton trying to solidify the fact she has overwhelming support with African-Americans and Sanders… does not.
  • 02:23:56 These are better questions than in most of the debates. Kudos to Lester Holt.
  • 02:25:22 Retweeted @DaveAHopkins 02:23:15 The issues raised so far in this debate have *zero* overlap with those raised in the Republican debate on Thursday.
  • 02:26:06 It would be amusing to see a Dem debate get the Republican questions and vice versa.
  • 02:28:27 Retweeted @dandrezner 02:28:10 O'MALLEY: Can I just have ten seconds?
    HOLT: After our commercial, we'll talk about anger in America
    O'MALLEY: But Lester-
    HOLT: F**k off.
  • 02:32:00 Healthcare now. The Clinton attacks on Sanders on this the last few weeks have been nuts for the primary cycle. It isn’t the general yet.
  • 02:34:33 Sanders doing the righteously indignant thing. He does it better than Clinton does.
  • 02:35:39 This fight between them does not help Clinton in primaries. The base is with Sanders here. No matter what the merits.
  • 02:37:56 I understand Clinton has PTSD about 90s healthcare effort, but it appears weak. “We can’t do that because it would fail!” True, but still.
  • 02:39:32 Don’t get me wrong, Clinton is right that going much past ACA isn’t in cards in next 8 years. Question is tone and what Dems want to hear.
  • 02:39:56 Retweeted @NoahCRothman 02:39:36 Clinton is cleaning up on substance, but she's selling limits. That's a hard sell in a populist moment.
  • 02:40:25 Retweeted @GoldyHA 02:40:14 Bernie Sanders clearly does angry better than Hillary. So if I were her, I'd pivot more toward a positive message. #DemDebate
  • 02:41:07 Retweeted @4jonc 02:40:02 hillary clinton making arguments from pragmatism is as strong as she ever sounds, which is maybe why it's hard to build enthusiasm for her.
  • 02:42:40 Sanders keeps pointing at me.
  • 02:44:06 Every time O’Malley talks I wonder why he is here. He is not horrible, but O’Malley isn’t happening.
  • 02:54:41 Hillary putting on Obama mantle 100% here. Interesting counter attack to Sanders Wall Street attack.
  • 02:55:16 Retweeted @anamariecox 02:54:55 “Where is the daylight between us? Why, I am standing MUCH closer to Obama than Bernie is.”
  • 02:56:17 Every time Clinton attacks Sanders it raises him up and makes her look smaller. Not a good tactic.
  • 02:57:00 Retweeted @ComfortablySmug 02:56:43 Does Hillary really want to bring up things people said about Obama? She was bonkers in 2008
  • 02:58:09 Retweeted @philipaklein 02:56:18 Clinton portraying herself as the defender of the Obama legacy. Sanders trying to appeal to progressive disappointment with his presidency.
  • 02:58:37 Retweeted @HeerJeet 02:58:25 My name is Martin O'Malley and I am not going to be Hillary Clinton's VP choice.
  • 03:05:29 Sanders is right. Clinton has been disingenuous about yelling “taxes” while not mentioning premiums go away. Need full picture to debate.
  • 03:07:12 Really, a cartoon?
  • 03:08:56 Sanders did the weather/climate confusion that deniers often make. It is just as bad coming from the other side.
  • 03:09:51 “On this stage, where we believe in science…” Good line from O’Malley.
  • 03:13:36 Retweeted @MaxBlumenthal 03:07:27 Note that the moderator skewering Sanders on big banks, @mitchellreports, is married to Alan Greenspan #DemDebate
  • 03:16:59 Starting the international section…
  • 03:18:18 Sanders for normalizing Iran relations. Has anybody else been as direct about that?
  • 03:24:02 Retweeted @politico 03:23:34 Here's the breakdown of speaking times so far:
    Clinton: 18:20
    Sanders: 20:30
    O'Malley: 9:01
  • 03:24:22 Retweeted @TheFix 03:24:08 Sanders is the prime mover in this debate. He speaks on issue, ojher candidates — including Clinton — react.
  • 03:31:43 Oh god. The encryption question.
  • 03:32:44 O’Malley says get a warrant. Sounds good so far.
  • 03:34:01 Sanders mentioning that private company information on individuals also a problem. Something I have said too.
  • 03:34:36 Holt shuts them all down for the break!
  • 03:36:58 George Clooney playing Jim Cramer?
  • 03:39:38 Clinton is so bad on encryption and privacy/safety trade offs.
  • 03:40:00 O’Malley begging for time so pitiful.
  • 03:41:39 Retweeted @jessieopie 03:41:18 Martin O'Malley asking for his 30 seconds
  • 03:43:50 I thought they were going to ask Sanders what Bill Clinton’s role was going to be in his presidency.
  • 03:44:11 Retweeted @DanielLarison 03:43:59 Sanders: I'm not saying Clinton is corrupt. She's just surrounded by corrupt people
  • 03:46:10 Sanders nails the Bill Clinton behavior question he did get though. At least for a Dem audience right now.
  • 03:50:00 Really? End with “ok, say what you want to say?”
  • 03:50:25 Retweeted @HayesBrown 03:50:16 "Is there anything you want to say that you haven't gotten to?"

    O'Malley: [cries tears of joy]

  • 03:54:24 One thing the broadcast networks do better than cable… End the damn thing on time, under two hours! Yay!
  • 03:56:20 Ok, wrap up. I don’t think Hillary helped herself by scrapping with Sanders. But won’t matter much. She still wins in the end.
  • 04:01:35 Pollwise I think Sanders surge already peaked & even if Sanders wins both Iowa & New Hampshire it won’t be enough 2 stop Hillary juggernaut.
  • 16:16:34 Retweeted @elonmusk 03:07:21 Falcon lands on droneship, but the lockout collet doesn't latch on one the four legs, causing it…
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  • 16:39:48 Reading – Ben Carson warned debate viewers about EMPs — a threat that only exists in action movies (Zack Beauchamp)
  • 16:47:50 Reading – Clinton Campaign Underestimated Sanders Strengths, Allies Say (Patrick Healy)
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