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August 2003

Day Negative One

Day Zero of the 2003 Q3 random trip will begin in about 9 hours. I am of course not ready yet. I will be leaving work early (shortly) since I have completed everything I really need to complete before leaving on vacation. Then I will scramble this afternoon to get done a bunch of things I have been putting off all week, but need to get done before leaving. Bills first and foremost, so I know how much money I have, or don’t have, for the vacation. But also a couple email top ten related things, and UNpacking some things, since I need to take some things wiht me on vacation that are currently packed away in boxes. Problem is, I have no idea which boxes. Oops. I may also go shopping real quick for some camping supplies. Dunno. We’ll see how things go.

Anyway, once on the random trip, I probably won’t blog much. I intend to put out a blog entry whenever I add a new “Day” to the trip log. I try to get them up just a day or two after they actually happen, but realistically… last time it took me about three months to complete the vacation website. I don’t plan on letting that happen again, but it isn’t going to be real time or anything. And I probably won’t put up many (if any) entries on other topics.

Maybe sometime after I get back from vacation and the vacation is fully posted, I will start blogging on other topics, like, you know, the news.

Oh yeah, one more thing, from what I’ve been hearing through the grapevine, it is highly likely that I (and all people of my rank who used to but no longer have actual formal teams reporting to them) will lose our offices and be put into cubes when we move to a new space around October. Lovely. Whatever. I wonder if there are comapnies looking to hire closer to my new house. :-)

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