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August 2003

Goodbye Quail Ridge

OK, in a few minutes will be going down, because I’ll be unplugging the Power Macintosh G3 that currently runs it, and lugging it off to my new place in Yardley. The site will probably be down about 45 minutes. Chances are nobody will notice. :-)

But, in any case, this will be the LAST thing I am moving from the old apartment. Yes, even the rotting bowl of fruit that has been on my balcony for the last seven years is already packed upo in the car ready to go. So once I move this, the apartment will be empty except for small pieces of trash on the floor. The people I hire to clean the place every two weeks will come one last time next Tuesday, then I’ll turn in the keys. After that, I will have to write a couple more checks to Quail Ridge because of their terms for breaking the lease early. So yeah, there are a couple last details.

But for all intents, once I unplug the computer I am typing on now, and shove it in my car and lock the door, I will be officially moved out of 1114 Quail Ridge Dr; Plainsboro NJ 08536. Woo!

Of course, I’m sure I’ll post when I’m REALLY all done with all the administrative stuff too. :-)

OK. Time to shut down and unplug.

Google News Alerts

Oh yeah, since the day Google News launched I’ve wanted this…

Google News Alerts

Excellent. I’m off to set up a bunch of daily alerts on random things of interest to me. :-)

(via /usr/bin/geek/)


I’ve been meaning to mention this for awhile, but just hadn’t gotten to it. I unfortunately will be on the Idaho Random Trip when this happens, but the venue is less than a mile from my new place. I pass it every day on the way to work, and again on the way home. Shame I’ll be missing Tito.

Tito Jackson to headline 9-11 “fun”raiser

Tito Jackson, who first made his name as a member of the famed Jackson 5 singing group and then later as a premier jazz and blues performer, will headline a concert at Shady Brook Farm over the Labor Day weekend to raise funds for the construction of the Lower Makefield Township’s 9-11 memorial.


Yesterday when I loaded a bunch of boxes from my old apartment into the Saturn to go to the new place, I apperantly unplugged the cable modem and router on the machine running, which is still at my old place for now. I didn’t notice until early today. So here I am at lunch making a quick stop to plug everything back in again. is now back up again. Sorry for any inconvienance to my two regular readers. :-)

OK. While still on lunch break I need to run quick to the Yardley post office to see if I can get my new mailbox key. I had been getting mail in the new box, but they apperantly changed the keys on the mailboxes at both my old and new place yesterday… they are probably just now processing the change of address. Of course, I don’t have proof of my new address with me, so they probably won’t give me the key, but I can at least find out what I need to bring to get it.

Oh, and I have to buy a bunch more boxes too.

Off I go.

Josh Lewis Linked to Me!

Another blog found me and linked to me. My first inbound link from a blogger! How exciting! :-) He did a search of blogs located within 500 miles of NYC mentioning the blackout. I only mentioned it in passing while talking about me moving to PA, but still. Hmmm… that reminds me I have to update my GeoURL coordinates too…

Blogs at 11

When you combine it with a GeoURL listing (which I’ve mentioned earlier) of all the blogs within a 500-mile radius of New York City, for instance, you find quite a few blogs that report on the incident. Like this one. Or this one. That one. One over here. Here. Or here. Or there. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Portuguese! (With translation.)

He hasn’t made my top referring site list yet though. Since I started adding the counter to my pages, the top 10 referring sites have been:

#1 (235)
#2 (113)
#3 (39)
#4 (19)
#5 (16)
#6 tie (8)
#6 tie (8)
#8 tie (6)
#8 tie (6)
#10 (5)

Almost all search engines. Of non search engines the top 5 are:

#1 (19) [Where I post occationally]
#2 (5) [My friend Ron’s site]
#3 tie (4)

#3 tie (4) [Me clicking to my site from the stats]
#3 tie (4) [Reports recently changed blogs]

That only counts hits to the pages I have converted and added the counter too though. I still get a bunch of hits to pages that don’t have the counter yet. Someday I’ll get all of them, but lately I’ve been too busy moving.

Anyway, thanks for the link Josh. :-)

Hmmm… time to get back to work. I was trying to actually go all day without looking at any non work related sites for even a few minutes during a break. I didn’t make it all day. Oh well. Break over now. Time to work up a tentative project plan for a project I’m involved in. They want it for Wednesday. I’m going to try to get it done today. We shall see.


This is my one hundredth blog post. Yea! Well… including the sample post that came with the software. So I guess the next one will really be the #100. Well, good enough.

Anyway, didn’t get a chance to post the last couple days. Marilyn flew out from Pittsburgh to see the new place and to help me with some packing / unpacking / decorating / organizing. Same sort of thing I’d been doing with Brandy since Monday afternoon.

I spent a bunch more money on a bunch of things. The amount I have spent on the house in the last week is nuts. I mean, I knew I would need a bunch of stuff, but… I have spent more time in Home Depot in the last week than I ever thought I could in a lifetime. And in Linens and Things.

And plus, as much as I hate to admit that Rebecca was right, my behavior seems to be changing too. Something drops on the floor and I pick it up and make sure it gets thrown away or put away right away. I slightly scarred a wall moving something, and I freak and go buy paint. I am going around evry couple hours and anything that is out of place is going back where it “belongs”. I’m actually being pretty obsessive about it at the moment. Anything that I can’t put in a “proper” place for whatever reason is going in the basement.

I even bought a few purely decorative objects that serve no practical purpose at all! There is something wrong with me! Where did I put Sam????

Oh well. I still have a lot to move and a lot to set up. For instance Marilyn and I bought curtains for the window in the loft room, but did not get a chance to put them up. And I need more storage things. And… well, lots of stuff. Not to mention lots and lots left to move from my old place and my stoage closet thing. Well, two more weeks until I have to be completely out of my old place.

Oh. Marilyn is on her way back home now. We got to the Trenton Airport for her to catch her flight home to Pittsburgh. First, the guy at the counter chewed us out for arriving too close to the scheduled time for the flight. It is a tiny airport, for a flight on a 10 person plane. So yes, we were cutting is a little close, but thought it was enough. And despite the guy bitching and being rude to us, it WOULD have been OK and she would have caught the flight… except… the canceled it! There had been two flights a day to Pittsburgh… until today. From now on, Sundays there will only be one flight to Pittsburgh from Trenton. They had switched her to the earlier flight, but hadn’t bothered to actually call and tell her. That flight had left like 8 hours earlier.

Anyway, I was getting all prepared to drive Marilyn back to Pittsburgh, but with a few phone calls we got her switched to a later flight leaving from Philly, so I drove her down there and off she went. I’ll see her again, along with Chad and Seth, in two weeks in Idaho. We also finalized some reservations for that today. I’ll eventually update the website with that info. But probably not today.

Anyway, thanks to Marilyn for helping out this weekend, and to Brandy for helping out all week. Without the two of them I’d be a lot further behind in getting settled than I am!

Still Have Lights Here!

While watching some news on the blackouts all over the Northeast, thought I’d give a quick update.

After the first fridge was too big, I found another that looked like it would BARELY fit. Well, this mornign as it was delivered, I discovered that while the top would fit, my counters are not straight. There was more room at the top than at the bottom. The thing just plain would not fit. I considered taking out the one cabinet componant, but then realized that if a new whole to the basement was drilled, I could put the fridge in another corner, and use that space for something else.

That turned out to be a bit of an adventure. Brandy came over, and has been a help all day long. Many trips to Home Depot ensued. A trip to get a drill. (Yes, Sam now owns a drill!) Then when the original piping crimped and leaked and wouldn’t pull through back to the basement anyway, to get more pipe. Then more trips to get more supplies. Back and forth all day. In the end, the fridge was in and in place and working. Should have actual ice tomorrow!

Then it was time to mount the projector. But as I took the ladder up the stairs, I bashed it into a wall and dented the wall a bit and scraped off some paint. So to home depot again to get painting supplies. Got swatches. Back home to pick a color. Then back to Home depot to get paint. Then back home to spackle and paint the spots. Then let it dry.

(By the way, I must say, Brandy was doing all of that, I was all happy and doing stuff during the fridge capers, but once I hurt the wall I was all moping and depressed for awhile.)

Anwyay, it is now drying. Looks like not an exact match. So we’ll have to go back to get enough paint and equipment to do the whole wall. It is close, but not close enough to just fix spots. It will have to be the whole wall. Oh well!

I’m in a better mood now though, blackouts have that mood lifting effect, so I’ll be helping Brandy more rather than just taking advantage of her generosity. :-)

But I’m keeping the news on for a bit. Can’t turn off breaking news! (Even though things look pretty settled and the power is starting to come back it seems.)

Anyway, glad I was in NYC yesterday instead of today!


I didn’t post yesterday, but all my furniture was moved. Yes! I have places to sit! Of course, nothing is in where it will probably go perminantly, and some of this stuff probably really should go away and be replaced, but it will do for now.

A few carloads of other stuff have also made it over. The first carload got put away in places that make sense mostly, with things I didn’t have proper places to put or time to deal with and sort going to the basement. But at the end of the day yesterday, I was tired and there was still a carload in the car. I went to sleep.

And in the morning I had to get up for a meeting in NYC. I didn’t have time to properly unpack the car, so I just dumped it all in the kitchen. Then on the way back from NYC I loaded up another carload.

So anyway, now it is time for me to work my way through the stuff that is already here and put it all away properly before getting any more loads.

I also got the stuff to staple the coax and other cords I have to run around to the walls in neat places instead of just having them all through the middle of everything like they are now. And I ordered the ceiling mount for the projector. So I have a bunch of work to do. I took a short nap when I got home, but now I should get started on that stuff I guess.


Oh, and the fridge will arrive between 7 and 9 AM tomorrow, so I have to get up early again. I really hope it fits. The size is pretty much exactly what the measured space is. In fact, might have to remove some of the side molding to make it fit. We shall see.

That’s it for now. Guess I should get to work.

I’m here!!!!

I’m in the new house now. It is mine. I may write a bit about closing later, or maybe not. But right now I have a bunch of stuff to do, but thought I would say I am here!

Time to Close

Gulp, this is it. Time for closing. Less than two hours away.

I’ve packed up the essentials (TV, Sat Dish, One Days Change of Clothes) and am about to head off (after grabbing the laptop) to meet Brandy to go over the papers one last time. Then, at 15:00 UTC, it will be time for the actual closing and signing the million pieces of paper people tell me about.

And then I will go *home* to the new house. Essentials get moved today. Furniture tomorrow. The rest slowly over the next two weeks as I feel like it. (But probably most stuff this week).

Wow. Well, here I go! My next post will be from the new place!