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August 2008

A Veteran’s Dog


Homeless Vet, Best Friend Reunited
(Chip Yost, KTLA, 31 Jul 2008)

The dog left on the doorstep of the southern California pet clinic was sick. The letter left with him was heartbreaking.

“Dear Drs., please forgive me for this horrible transgression. I have no where else to turn so I ask you to mercifully, gently and lovingly please help him sleep. His name is Kaiser and he’s 16-and-a half years old. He’s been my friend, my teacher, my pupil, my lifelong loving and loyal companion,” the letter said.

On the envelope, the author of the letter said that he thought Kaiser had two strokes the night before.

“Be good to him as you would your own child, for he’s been mine for a loving lifetime,” the envelope read.

“I’m a homeless disabled vet, and I know when it’s time to say goodbye to a friend, and it’s time now. He’s such a part of my being, I’ll once again be alone in my life. I love you Kaiser, thank you for caring, sincerely, Kaiser’s Soul Mate.”

Debbie Herot, a manager at Pet Medical Center Chatoak in Granada Hills, found the letter and the dog on the clinic doorstep as she came in to work last week.

Though she tries to keep an emotional distance from the pets she sees, in this case, she couldn’t do it.

“After you’re in this business for so long you learn to look the other way, because we have to euthanize animals. This one i couldn’t euthanize,” Herot said.

(via Neatorama)

Of course there is a happy ending.

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