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August 2008

Sam Hearts Time Machine

Earlier today, while I was at a meeting, unbenounced to me my Treo was in my pocket with buttons getting pressed which resulted in a whole bunch of email I had received today being deleted. Not just moved to the Trash mind you, but actually deleted. I noticed after I left the meeting. The messages still showed on the Treo, just grayed out indicating they were deleted. But there was an undelete option. So I spent a couple minutes undeleteing one by one each of these messages. I thought I was fine. I thought I was good.

But then, next time I looked, all those messages were gone. I checked the Trash. I checked the spam folder. I logged into my mail via a web client and did searches. But no, they were all just gone. All of them.

And there was at least one I knew was important. (Although I consider all email important of course.)

I was very unhappy. I was very mad at my Treo.

Of course, meanwhile, at home, my Mac Mail client was open and happily getting mail every few minutes. And once an hour Time Machine was happily doing its backup thing. And it turns out it had done one of those happy backup things about 10 minutes or so before the time all of the emails got zapped.

So a few clicks in time machine, and I restored all the emails from 00:00 UTC Tuesday until 21:50 UTC Tuesday (the last backup before emails went poof). Some of those emails hadn’t gone poof, but I got the whole bunch just to be sure.

And thus I now believe nothing was lost. And I definitely got back the handful of mails I had already looked at and KNEW were missing.

Thank you Apple.

And damn you Treo. (Specifically SnapperMail.)

I think the countdown to Sam giving in and getting the iPhone is getting pretty short. :-)

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