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@abulsme Updates from 2012-08-13 (UTC)

  • RT @ZekeJMiller: The first tshirt #
  • MT @sethdmichaels: does anybody who saw what 2008 did to their 401k & home value think “if only my Social Security had been in the market!” #
  • RT @brendanloy: Heh. RT @benschwartzy: I get Paul Ryan now. Romney has no convictions or beliefs, so he hired some. #
  • MT @politicalwire: Palin will not speak at GOP convention: “This year is a good opportunity for other voices to speak.” #
  • #nbcfail Bleeping Monty Python? #shit RT @palafo: Life’s a piece of #fcc #
  • MT @brendanloy: This elec is about to see a series of bounces to which partisans on both sides will foolishly overreact. It’ll be annoying #
  • MT @jamesmalach: If the Closing Ceremony doesn’t end with a giant Monty Python foot extinguishing the flame then we have failed as a nation. #
  • RT @SteveDahlShow: Did they really just bleep “piece of shit” on NBC when it’s not even an FCC violation? #closingceremony #
  • RT @PrestonCNN: Is Rio trying to tell us the Spice Girls and a huge inflatable Octopus will not appear at the ’16 closing ceremonies? #
  • RT @Atrios: rio’s time zone will make it extra hard to justify fucking up the 2016 coverage, but they will #
  • RT @FHQ: Hmm. Romney 45, Obama 44 MT @surveyusa: Poll #19479 taken in Missouri for All SurveyUSA clients in Missouri: #
  • MT @FHQ: That SUSA poll shows a much closer race in the Show Me state than most recent polls. [1st state poll to bridge Paul VP rollout.] #
  • RT @guyadams: Swear to God, if someone gives me the mobile telephone number of the CEO of Direct TV I will bloody well tweet it #
  • Reading – PANIC! – MSM: “Romney is in Big, Big, Trouble” (Billionares for Wealthcare) #
  • Reading – You might be Paul Ryan if…. (Juan Cole) #
  • Reading – EP update for August 11 – Obama approval drops, Rasmussen poll back in (Scott Elliott) #
  • Reading – Why Paul Ryan Is No Game-Changer (Derek Thompson) #
  • Reading – It’s Paul Ryan’s Party (Jonathan Chait) #
  • Reading – The Ryan Selection: Game Change, Part Deux (Clive Crook) #
  • Reading – Twitter Blog: End of the #Veepstakes (Adam Sharp) #
  • Reading – Public Ignorance About Paul Ryan (Ilya Somin) #
  • Reading – Mystery Blur in Mars Image Explained (Jason Major) #
  • Reading – The Ryan Role (Paul Krugman) #
  • Agree! Listening – Show 234 – Aiming for Effectiveness (Dan Carlin) #
  • Reading – Complificating Matters (Sebastian, Obsidian Wings) #
  • Reading – Happy 10th Birthday, Daring Fireball (Robinson Meyer) #

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