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Bribery Works

Alex is now on his second box of cars (after also finishing a box of trains). Two weeks ago he was completely refusing to even contemplate such things and would yell and kick and scream and try to get away when asked. Now he is rushing to do it whenever he can, because, hey, new car! Of course, he can’t get cars and trains for this forever, but, for the moment…

Note: I actually stuck the second set of cars into the box from the first set of cars for this picture, as only the first box has the explanatory label.

12 comments to Bribery Works

  • Ruth M Brandon

    actually your note does not explain what Alex does to earn this! But since I know, congratulations to you all! Dry clothes, no diapers, conscious use of bathrooms for their main purpose – major achievements for a small boy!

  • Ruth M Brandon

    ah – the “tag”names it –

  • From LR via Facebook:

    Be very careful!! This is a slippery slope…….

    2 hours ago

  • From RL via Facebook:

    I was against bribery — until potty training. It’s definitely effective — but wow, you guys are setting the “prize” bar pretty high. I just gave a piece of candy. Or if you don’t want to give sugar, you could do stickers or marbles or something like that. I mean, damn, at this rate you might end up having to go to Chuck E Cheese every time A takes a . . .

    about an hour ago

  • From GWR via Facebook:

    Hurrah!!! Anything that works.

    4 minutes ago

  • @RMB: Yeah, I intentionally said the actual thing only in the label. :-) He is by no means all the way there, but after the first time he got a car, the light bulb definitely came on that there was a reason to do this.

  • From SM via Facebook:

    @LR: Indeed. We are crossing his fingers that by the time he is a teenager, we won’t have to be giving real cars several times a day for this. Amy has already complained that SHE doesn’t get a car every time she does this!

    2 seconds ago

  • From SM via Facebook:

    @RL: There was no interest in candy or stickers. Initially there was no interest in cars either. There was a bit of, um, forced participation, the first time or two. And at first we were going to do stickers each time, then a car every 5 stickers or whatever, but he just wasn’t getting that. So we upped it. But then once he realized that was all he needed to do to get the car, he’s been all over it. Almost instantly. Still bunches of work to do of course, but he needed to be at this stage or past it for his next round of daycare/preschool next month, so we had to rush things along. Prizes will deescalate as soon as it seems the habit is pretty well built. We expect a protest at that point of course.

    2 seconds ago

  • From SM via FAcebook:

    @GWR: Yup. Yay!

    2 seconds ago

  • From BD via Facebook:

    And the protest has begun.

    about a minute ago

  • From SM via Facebook:

    @BD: One car every two times SUCKS! You are so mean! :-)

    a few seconds ago

  • From BD via Facebook:

    I know. Evil mommy strikes again.

    38 seconds ago

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