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@abulsme Updates from 2012-08-28 (UTC)

  • Reading – Twitter closes the gates further on 3rd parties, removes posting source attribution (JD Rucker) #
  • Reading – A device with a touchscreen and few buttons was obvious (Thom Holwerda) #
  • Reading – Taking the Filibuster to Court: Here Are the Documents (James Fallows) #
  • Reading – “Hunter,” a Deaf 3-Year-Old, Told Signing His Name Violates School’s Gun Policy ( lskenazy, FreeRangeKids) #
  • Reading – Soul Mates (Randall Monroe) #
  • Reading – Isaac Stubbornly Refuses To Become A Hurricane (Brendan Loy) #
  • RT @mattyglesias: Trying to imagine the internet in a world where Sullivan, Kaus, and Marshall hold all the political blogging patents. #
  • RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: So it’s not going to be a brokered convention? #
  • RT @Chris_Moody: Mike Huckabee to frustrated Ron Paul supporters: You lost, move on. #
  • Reading – Paul delegates mounting floor fight over new rules (AP) #
  • RT @Goldfarb: basically federal employment as % of labor force is near all time low #
  • Romney officially entered into nomination. #RNC2012 #
  • Roll call vote started. We’re any of the others even allowed to be nominated? Did I miss it? #
  • Nope. Romney is only one on the official ballot. All votes for anybody else officially ignored. #RNC2012 #Democracy #
  • RT @markos Washington DC’s 19 Republicans all got to be delegates. #
  • Mitt over the top a few minutes ago. Woo! #
  • Oh, and Ryan’s officially the VP Nom now too. #
  • Pushing through of the rules changes, high bar for being in roll call, etc annoying. Will undoubtedly rant on the next Curmudgeon’s Corner. #
  • Was in meetings during almost the whole roll call. Sad to miss watching live. Sniff. #
  • Official Tally: RT @FHQ With 2061 delegates Romney received over 90% of the total 2286 delegates at stake. #wasntevenclose #
  • I gather officially the other 225 dels were just non-votes. Since no other candidates were officially nominated, nobody else got votes. #
  • Unofficial Count: MT @ChadPergram R’s Delegate tally: Romney 2061 Paul 190 Santorum 9 Bachmann 1 Huntsman 1 Roemer 1 Unannounced 23 #GOP2012 #

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