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Grama Leslie Visit Day 6

A moment at home with two people who need haircuts.

Roscoe getting some love

Use ALL the potty paper!

Alex plays the plate! (Video)

Working on the alphabet song! (Video)

Done with ABCDs! (Video)

A slide at the fair (Photo by Grandma Leslie… Daddy had to work. :-( )

Riding the carousel (Photo by Grandma Leslie)

A little overwhelmed (Photo by Amy)

Meanwhile with Daddy at home… SNAKE!

And Amy has a parasol! (Photo by Grandma Leslie)

Amy and Alex go fishing (Photo by Brandy)

4 comments to Grama Leslie Visit Day 6

  • Ruth M Brandon

    nice photos -couldn’t see videos (“plug-in blocked” it said)

  • It is a normal YouTube embed. It should work for you. If it still doesn’t work for you, call me tonight, I’ll help you through troubleshooting and getting you set to watch the wonderful videos. :-)

  • From DMR via Google+:

    Love AlexВґs version of the song.I notice Roscoe likes to join in also.п»ї

    Aug 28, 2012

  • From SM via Google+:

    He is great with the alphabet song. It is much cuter than if he actually got it “right”. A lot of the time he just chants over and over “Me know my ABCDs! GF!!!” :-)п»ї

    12:57 AM

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