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December 2004

Lung Power!

Time for another new graph. My lung power over time!

Sam’s Peak Flow History

Since I was a child I have had asthma.  It used to cause me quite a bit of trouble.  With modern medicines it bothers me much less than when I was a teenager and younger.  But it is still there and likely always will be.  So I monitor it on a regular basis.  What follows are charts I have kept of my “peak flow”.  This basically measures how strongly I can blow out, which in turn is one indicator of my lung strength and how well I am breathing at that moment.

As with the weight graph, there is some data which I have but is not yet reflected on the chart. This will slowly be restored as I go through a few places where I have the data and get it entered.

2 comments to Lung Power!

  • Brandy

    You mean digging the boxes out of the garage?

  • Abulsme

    Well, some REALLY old data may be in there. But the missing data from the last two years that is not on the chart yet is in one particular box currently in the office of the old house. It will be here at the new house soon, and I know which box it is.

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