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August 2008

Washington State Governor (Part I)

Once again a top two primary. Oh my. There are TEN candidates here. This will take awhile.

The candidates are:

  • Dino Rossi (Prefers G.O.P. Party): First of all, just say Republican. What are you trying to pull? Second, G.O.P. stands for Grand Old Party, so he apparently prefers the Grand Old Party Party. I should exclude him just for that. In general, I see a lot of fiscal responsibility stuff, which I like. I like some of his positions on education too. Possible.
  • Will Baker (Prefers Reform Party): Number One, His website is “”. Really? Come on. And it plays music. And the website sucks. Number Two, his entire theme seems to be about going after the current Governor for some possible misfeasance. Even if all those charges are 100% true, it is not enough of a platform. His website mentions some other things, but all crusading type things rather than addressing central issues.
  • Christine Gregoire (Prefers Democratic Party): She is the incumbent. Her website has various things about her record, but not a specific issues section that I could find. Also, when I saw her in person earlier this year, I was not impressed and she annoyed me. And while I don’t follow local news closely, I just don’t remember hearing anything that really left me with a positive impression. In her time in office she has moved the state budget from deficit to surplus. That is good. But I think I don’t like her.
  • Duff Badgley (Prefers Green Party): Website is for the “Climate Change Action Group” not for him personally. Fail. His platform includes outlawing single occupancy vehicles among other radical authoritarian things to “save the environment”. Double Fail.
  • John Aiken (Prefers Republican Party): His main issue seems to be Energy Self Reliance, although he comments on some other things too. All of his comments are way too long to read though. Needs to learn the art of the quick summary at the top, then details for those who want them. But you need a broader view to be governor anyway, not just look at a few issues.

Crap, I’m out of time. I need to hop in the car and get to work. And I’m only half way through the Governor candidates. I’ll post this as a “Part I” and continue at lunch.

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