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August 2008

Washington State Governor (Part II)

This is a continuation of Part I.

OK. It is lunchtime now. Time to crank through a bit more of this. I’ve got about an hour. Then if needed, there will be more time later. Things are not all mail-in yet, I can drop my ballot off at the polling station until 03 UTC. (Another 8 hours from when I am writing this.)

Anyway, the next five Governor candidates:

  • Christian Joubert (Prefers Democratic Party): Starts his statement by saying “Because I feel Washington State should be leading the Nation in promoting a Spiritual Civilization based on holistic medicine…” And the website? OH MY GOD! MY EYES ARE BURNING! OK. Next.
  • Christopher Tudor (States No Party Preference): Hmm, some stuff about being independent of party, some stuff about cleaning up government. Nothing to detailed though. Nothing much concrete enough to make a decision on.
  • Javier Lopez (Prefers Republican Party): “As an artist and inventor I have come up with an invention that will solve all of the world’s problems. I have invented an air engine that has the power to operate an automobile while relying on air as its fuel source. Adoption of this technology would mean an end to reliance on fossil fuels, stopping carbon-monoxide emissions, pollution and global warming.” Umm…. OK.
  • Mohammad Said (States No Part Preference): Platform Elements… Washington National Guard unilaterally withdraw from Iraq… Amend the constitution so that the state legislatures declare war instead of the US Congress. Oh, and “Finally I would like to sound the alarm, that AIPAC and other Jewish Zionist Lobbies who represent less than 2% of American People are using the United States through their mighty power in the News Media, Financial Institutions, Hollywood and Entertainment Industry, Both Political Parties, Congress and the White House as Proxy to wage war against any country perceived to be threat to Israel, like in Iraq.”. Yum Huh. OK. And the website: “The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later. ” Good job there.
  • James White (Prefers Independent Party): Some seemingly random platform items with no real information. He also has a rambling thing talking about defending the Constitution, but without really explaining what he is talking about.

Wow. What a horrible set of choices. All ten of them. For the moment I think I am going to go for Dino Rossi. I however reserve the right to not vote for him in November. I will look at the winning two candidates much more closely than I’ve looked at them today.

My vote:

Dino Rossi

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