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April 2012

Riding the Bus to the Zoo


6 comments to Riding the Bus to the Zoo

  • Great photo of the both of you. Hope all is well.

  • Ruth M Brandon

    okay – which did Alex like better – the bus? or the zoo? Which di YOU like better (or others with you???) Trust a good time was had by al. Love to all, mother

  • @JD: Yes, all is going well! Trust things are good there too. From reading your blog, it sounds like you are still having quite an adventure there in Honduras!

  • @RBM: He had a good time with both this time. He LOVES riding the bus, and this time we were learning about stoplights and waiting for them to turn green. This time at the zoo he was engaged and excited about watching several animals. His favorites were the penguins and the hippos. And he got to RUN! And have ICE CREAM! It was a great day. He fell asleep immediately once we were back in the car though and was out for hours. :-)

    As for Al, I’m not sure what his experiences at the zoo were like. There was no Al with us. :-)

  • From DRM via Google+:

    Apr 26, 2012
    Hi Sam, I always check the updates (well, Alex & family if not the others) Love to hear how he is doing. I have a dutch friend that has a grandaughter just his age.2 on Sept 13 in Netherlands, Sept 12 in Seattle as you pointed out.We are going to Seattle in Late June, If you arenВґt crazy busy (maybe even if so) we, (Jony, Juan, Susan, and me) would like to see you. try to work out details later. Great news that your Mom is coming out. Hopefully Roscoe won{t sit on her in person.

  • From SM via Google+:

    7:51 PM
    Glad you enjoy the pictures and stuff! :-) We would love to see you when you visit Seattle! Let us know the details once you know them. And if previous visits are any guide, Roscoe will definitely sit on my mom in person too. :-)п»ї

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