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February 2016

Curmudgeon’s Corner: The Poorly Educated

This week on Curmudgeon’s Corner Sam and Ivan of course talk about Election 2016, covering both the Democratic and Republican nomination races, then some speculation about what a Clinton vs Trump race may look like. Before that though, they spend some time following up on both the Apple vs FBI case and the SCOTUS vacancy. And there is some feedback to discuss!

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Recorded 2016-02-25

Length this week – 1:32:14

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Show Details:

  • (0:00:10-0:11:03) But First
    • Water Heater Fire
    • Commutes
    • Agenda
    • Feedback
  • (0:12:07-0:28:20) Apple vs FBI
    • PR Battle
    • Cracking Safes
    • Other ways to get info
    • Test Case
    • Slippery Slopes
    • Lavabit comparison
  • (0:29:06-0:42:09) SCOTUS and Congress
    • Doing Nothing
    • Republican Strategies
    • Options in January
    • Senate Implications
    • Republican Factions
    • Ivan for SCOTUS
  • (0:42:48-1:01:36) Election 2016 – Primaries
    • Ivan for SCOTUS continued
    • Clinton Still Winning
    • Judicial Murders
    • Trump SC/NV Wins
    • Dissipating Trump Denial
    • Gaming out Super Tuesday
  • (1:02:16-1:31:53) Election 2016 – Clinton vs Trump
    • Trump as third party after contested convention?
    • Are there really that many asshole racists?
    • The whiteness of the GOP
    • Clinton vs Trump personal attacks
    • Trump attacking from both Right and Left
    • Trump Reinvention
    • President Trump

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