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January 2016

@abulsme tweets from 2016-01-15 (UTC)

  • 01:19:31 OMG -> The Official Donald Trump Jam (FOX 10 Phoenix)
  • 01:58:50 Debate time! Woo! I am multitasking, so no full fledged live tweet, but maybe occasional comments. :-)
  • 02:01:49 Retweeted @mtaibbi 02:01:39 God, this FBN intro makes me want to chug battery acid.
  • 02:06:08 This sailors in Iran thing is such a fake issue. Obama handled that completely correctly and it was a non-thing.
  • 02:08:16 Retweeted @JackTatar 02:07:59 #GOPDebate Thanks for making me realize that the Bush years were just like that Dallas episode where Bobby wakes up and it never happened
  • 02:14:16 Retweeted @billmaher 02:14:02 Christie: "If i'm president, Hillary won't get within ten miles of the white house"- great, more bridge closures
  • 02:17:24 Rubio is so much better at this than Bush. At the debate thing. Not at being President.
  • 02:18:28 Carson on the EMP thing too!
  • 02:19:31 Trump finally gets to talk.
  • 02:20:37 Trump building up the fear case again. Unfortunately, it tends to be a winning tactic.
  • 02:25:14 Retweeted @TheFix 02:25:04 Just checked: Hillary Clinton still running for president despite the fact that she is disqualified according to Rubio.
  • 02:27:56 OK, here comes the birther issue on Cruz.
  • 02:29:00 Cruz vs Trump. Woo! Cruz's statement on this very solid. Let's see how Trump responds…
  • 02:30:18 Cruz trying to do the thing with Trump what Reagan did to Carter about the age issue….
  • 02:31:40 As usual facts don't matter to Trump, but that doesn't matter, what matters is spreading the FUD. The boos were interesting though.
  • 02:33:30 FUD FUD FUD. Trump is all about fear, uncertainty and doubt. And people are falling for it. In droves.
  • 02:34:25 Nice gambit about Cruz giving Trump VP so if Trump is right and Cruz is disqualified, Trump gets the job. Funny.
  • 02:34:44 Rubio jumping in. Bleh. Can we get back to Cruz vs Trump?
  • 02:35:55 Now giving Trump the opportunity to react to Haley's state of the union response… lets see.
  • 02:36:36 "I will gladly accept the mantle of anger." – Trump
  • 02:36:47 Retweeted @CK_MacLeod 02:35:57 That's what I was referring to… it's just absurdly funny… Cruz's sense of humor underrated?
  • 02:37:05 Retweeted @davidaxelrod 02:34:22 First time anyone has handed @realDonaldTrump his hat in a debate exchange.
  • 02:38:46 Retweeted @_cingraham 02:38:33 Two debates happening right now: the real debate between Trump and Cruz, and the undercard debate between everyone else on that stage
  • 02:40:16 On the Cruz vs Trump exchange, not sure Cruz won. I think it was a draw. But that is better on a 1-on-1 exchange than anybody else so far.
  • 02:42:16 "I was mentioned too, they said 'everybody'." – Carson. Nice.
  • 02:44:59 Kasich saying they would win 50 states if Sanders was nominee. Polls so far of course don't say that. S vs Trump:
  • 02:47:46 Fair issue or not, Bill Clinton & women will be something you will be hearing about from now until November no matter who the R nominee is.
  • 02:48:26 Retweeted @dandrezner 02:48:09 Shorter Carson: America is badly divided, and the solution is to eliminate all secular progressives from the country.
  • 02:51:12 Surprise by the way that Trump's answer to the Haley question was peacemaking rather than ripping her to shreds. Guess he doesn't need to.
  • 02:55:31 Retweeted @GroverNorquist 02:52:41 Ok. We need Governor Haley to charge the stage and join the debate. She forgot to run this year.
  • 02:59:00 Dems made a mistake elevating the gun issue. Yes, polls show majority support reasonable restrictions, but it only mobilizes pro-gun folks.
  • 03:02:38 Cruz is a lot more present and dominating here than the rest… including Trump.
  • 03:04:22 Cruz's attacks on Trump increasing. Lets see Trump's response…
  • 03:05:49 Trump answer all about 9/11. Cynical, but by the very nature of it unrebuttable. Calm response, but neutralizes Cruz attack.
  • 03:06:39 Retweeted @LizMair 03:06:07 Yeah, decent comeback from Trump, but still, most GOP voters know what Cruz is getting at and probably agree some. #gopdebate
  • 03:07:28 Retweeted @natsecHeather 03:00:12 Fascinated that these guys all want to run against Obama instead of Clinton or Sanders. Should someone tell Christie Obama's not running?
  • 03:07:37 Retweeted @hillrat 03:02:47 Obama ran against W & it was a great strategy.
  • 03:15:46 Question finishes. Carson: What was the question again? Good job Dr. Carson.
  • 03:18:28 Retweeted @maximlott 03:11:35 is tracking the change in candidates' odds since start of the debate: #GOPdebate
  • 03:21:16 Retweeted @dcbigjohn 03:20:52 I have many great black frie… i mean Muslim! Muslim friends! — trump
  • 03:21:44 Retweeted @GoldyHA 03:21:37 "We can't be the stupid country anymore," SAYS DONALD TRUMP!!!!!!!! #GOPDebate
  • 03:22:10 Bush right on substance in his rebuttal to Trump. Too bad that doesn’t matter.
  • 03:25:01 Trump hitting lots of notes here that will resonate with his voters and more. And he is loud when he says it. That’s all you need I guess.
  • 03:30:15 “Will not let in refugees from countries with significant ISIS presence” – Cruz = Screw ISIS’s main victims, who gives a crap about them.
  • 03:31:21 Unfortunately, anybody on this stage who says anything positive about immigration is shooting themselves in the foot with today’s GOP.
  • 03:32:24 Retweeted @dandrezner 03:32:16 Literally nothing Trump is saying about China right now is accurate.
  • 03:38:15 Retweeted @DanielLarison 03:38:07 Trump: Are you looking at me? Are *you* looking at me?
  • 03:39:31 Drat, looked away for a minute, what prompted the booing?
  • 03:41:26 Retweeted @MichaelSkolnik 03:41:14 I feel bad to @JebBush — when Donald attacks him, he just freezes. Can’t the guy hire a sparring partner and practice for that moment?
  • 03:41:37 Retweeted @hominidviews 03:41:24 Donald Trump
  • 03:41:53 .@hominidviews I got that part, I gather it was saying Jeb was weak or something? in reply to hominidviews
  • 03:46:20 Wait, did they just ask Christie about bridges?
  • 03:50:13 Why is Carson still here? He is so done. Of course so are half the people on the stage.
  • 03:51:40 Is this over yet?
  • 03:52:56 Starting to think about the effect of this debate. Don’t think any moments here will really break out and make a difference.
  • 03:55:07 Retweeted @lizzieohreally 03:54:10 Omg stop saying VAT tax. The T stands for tax!
  • 03:55:14 Retweeted @fmanjoo 03:54:34 @lizzieohreally The B in JEB stands for Bush! in reply to lizzieohreally
  • 03:56:17 Retweeted @danpfeiffer 03:56:10 Christie just treated Rubio like Trump treats Jeb
  • 03:57:31 “Coming up after this”. I guess it isn’t about to end. They really need to keep these damn things to two hours. Of course… still watching.
  • 04:00:44 Retweeted @chucktodd 04:00:30 Christie and Bush made good efforts to break up troika but it felt like the debate kept coming back to some combo of Trump Cruz and Rubio
  • 04:04:11 Retweeted @ForecasterEnten 04:03:55 Trump may hit 242% after this debate. Why? IDK, but it feels right.
  • 04:04:34 What were the protesters saying?
  • 04:05:21 Oh, the protest was about Rand Paul not being here. OK.
  • 04:09:26 Retweeted @studentactivism 04:09:15 Some weirdos interrupted the GOP debate to shout incoherently for a while. And then there was a protest.
  • 04:09:40 Retweeted @petersuderman 04:09:25 This debate was over 10 minutes ago. We have now crossed the debate event horizon. No one knows what lies beyond.
  • 04:10:48 Trying to one up each other on how anti-immigration they are. Sigh.
  • 04:11:22 Snowden! Who had that in their drinking games?
  • 04:12:31 Big Rubio attack on Cruz. Boom. Cruz rebutting now. This is fun! Some real sparks between several of them this debate!
  • 04:14:01 I think Rubio won that exchange. On balance, tonight was not great for Cruz I think. Which is good for Trump.
  • 04:14:37 Bush complaining about not getting questions again. These guys really need to realize that just makes it obvious they are losing.
  • 04:14:46 Retweeted @hominidviews 04:14:10 Don't mind me…I'm practicing to be a Trumphole.
  • 04:15:19 .@hominidviews I’ve been trying to make “Trumpets” work as the term for Trump supporters. Hasn’t caught on yet. :-) in reply to hominidviews
  • 04:16:19 Closing statements next!
  • 04:21:42 Neither Kasich or Bush are even slightly in tune with today’s GOP primary voters.
  • 04:23:30 Retweeted @byjoelanderson 04:23:20 Ben Carson just out here selling mixtapes now. He doesn't want to be president.
  • 04:25:04 Benghazi!
  • 04:25:48 Retweeted @AmyNotAmy 04:25:34 @abulsme "PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEE!!!! :( :( :( :(" <— das Bush rn in reply to abulsme
  • 04:29:10 OK, over. Thoughts on poll changes from this… Maybe Cruz & Rubio get slight boost, but not enuf. Trump maintains lead, so overall Trump win.
  • 04:29:54 Retweeted @NickKristof 04:29:39 The debate also underscores the basic problem of GOP presidential politics: How to win primaries without scaring general election voters?
  • 04:30:47 Retweeted @AriFleischer 04:30:30 Trump was Trump and that means he had a good night. I give him a 60% shot of being the GOP nominee.
  • 04:30:56 Retweeted @AlecMacGillis 04:29:09 Trump and Cruz, full steam ahead.
  • 04:31:01 Retweeted @HeerJeet 04:30:48 Bingo. The GOP is about to nominate either Trump or Cruz. Amazing.
  • 04:32:33 Cruz being close in Iowa, and having a shot at winning it is biggest threat to Trump still. But Trump still has advantage here.
  • 04:37:06 Rubio did OK though. Gives hope to the “three candidates in it for a long time, nobody over 50%, convention fight” scenario. Please? Please?
  • 04:39:56 Retweeted @DavMicRot 04:19:43 After debate: Cruz slightly up, Trump slightly down. Rubio & Trump tied for lead @ 33% Cruz 22% Bush 10% Christie 3%
  • 05:39:46 Reading – Thursday’s Debate Was a Nightmare for the GOP Establishment (Brian Beutler)
  • 05:48:26 Iran Says It Has Removed Core Of Reactor, Key To Nuclear Deal (Nasser Karimi)
  • 17:29:48 Reading – U.S. Radically Changes Its Story of the Boats in Iranian Waters (@ggreenwald)
  • 18:21:07 Just saw a Ben Carson bumper sticker in the wild.
  • 20:05:15 Retweeted @Noahpinion 19:59:43 Remember: If you have tweets numbered "1 of 2" and "2 of 2", the second tweet should be a REPLY to the first (with username omitted)!
  • 20:29:12 Retweeted @TheFix 19:25:45 The single most stunning poll number on Donald Trump I have seen

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