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Second Round of IN, NC Updates

The results so far from North Carolina and Indiana:

178 delegates out of 187 (95.2%) determined.

95 delegates for Obama, 83 for Clinton.

(Of those, 8 delegates were new today, 4 for each candidate.)

That’s 46.6% for Clinton so far. (Compared to the 62.0% that she needed.)

That’s 53.4% for Obama so far. (Compared to the 41.1% that he needed.)

In addition today we have a bunch of super delegate moves. Net result of those were a gain of 5 superdelegates for Obama and a gain of 1 superdelegate for Clinton.

So, where we now stand…

The new delegate count is: Obama 1845, Clinton 1686, Edwards 19

In percent terms that is: Obama 52.0%, Clinton 47.5%, Edwards 0.5%

2025 delegates are needed to win.

There are 498 delegates yet to be determined.

Obama needs 180 more delegates to win.

Clinton needs 339 more delegates to win.

In percentage terms, that means:

Obama needs 36.1% of the remaining delegates to win. (It was 41.1% before IN/NC.)

Clinton needs 68.1% of the remaining delegates to win. (It was 62.0% before IN/NC.)

[Note: CNN has not yet released any updated delegate estimates on the Republican side since before the Pennsylvania primaries… which is quite annoying.]