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Wiki Chain

Brandy turned me on to this fun game. Well, Brandy’s version is a little different, but here are my rules.

Start with by clicking “Random Article” on Wikipedia. Then click the first link in each article (not counting standard navigation and disambiguation links and and such not counting pages you have already gone to) and just see where you travel.

So lets go:

  1. Johnathan Stonagal
  2. Fictional Character
  3. Person
  4. Human
  5. Bipedalism
  6. Terrestrial Locomotion
  7. Evolved
  8. Biology
  9. Greek Language
  10. List of Languages by First Written Accounts
  11. Writing
  12. Media (Arts)
  13. Art
  14. The Arts
  15. Culture
  16. Latin
  17. Indo-European Languages
  18. Language Family
  19. Language
  20. Symbol

OK, that’s 20, so I’m going to stop. OK, so maybe it wasn’t that much fun. Of course, in Brandy’s version she actually reads each of the pages and learns about whatever the subject matter is, and usually starts from a page she actually had some interest in rather than doing the random thing, but whatever. :-)

I’ve of couse spent many hours flipping between wikipedia pages before and ended on all sorts of tangents, and there is a famous cartoon about that… it is the “first link” thing that makes this different.

Yeah, OK, fine. Maybe the other way is better. :-)

Cinema: Iron Man

I’ve been bad, it has been a couple weeks since we saw this. Mother’s Day weekend actually, so just about exactly two weeks ago. Amy was away at a sleepover, so Brandy and I did dinner and a movie. The waiter messed up our order when we went to eat, and then we went to the movie.

I hadn’t realized just how long it had been since we had gone to a movie. The last one was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix back in July of last year. That’s probably a bit too long. We should go out to movies more often.

Anyway, it was pretty much what you would expect from a superhero flick. It was light. It was entertaining. There was some action. It was funny at times (the robots). It did the job it was supposed to do.

It was a fun way to spend the evening. I ate lots of popcorn. It was a good evening.

As with most films I watch though, I don’t think I’ll feel any need to watch it again. But would I go to the sequel when it comes out? Sure. I’d do that.