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Delegate Counts at 5:00 UTC

So far from CNN for tonight:

140 delegates out of 187 (74.9%) determined.

73 delegates for Obama, 67 for Clinton.

That’s 47.9% for Clinton so far. (Compared to the 62.0% that she needs.)

That’s 52.1% for Obama so far. (Compared to the 41.1% that he needs.)

If you include the delegates above, the overall number for the percentage of ALL remaining delegates (not just tonight) Hillary needs to win is now above 65%. From a delegate point of view, keeping in mind how few delegates are left and where things stand, these results are absolutely devastating for Clinton.

This, plus the psychological effect of Indiana being right on the edge instead of being a clear Hillary win… although it now looks like she will eke out the win… the media is FINALLY declaring this whole thing over. Russert, Drudge, others…

Now Hillary just has to admit it.

The canceling of appearances is an indication that she is at the very least seriously rethinking what to do next. There is probably a decent chance she will officially give up within the next 24 hours.

Or… she may decide to fight all the way to the convention like she has promised.

The next 24 hours will be interesting.

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